+500% Increase in Keyword Positions For Accept Cards!

Project Description

The Client:

Accept Cards was established to provide all UK businesses with access to the best terms and solutions from the merchant services providers. Being an independent and privately- owned business, they are not tied to any provider, enabling them to be truly objective in the solutions they recommend and arrange.

Accept Cards approached Bigfoot Digital to help them increase their online presence in December 2018. Since re-building their site and optimising their pages, they have experienced an influx of new rankings that didn’t previously exist. This is incredibly exciting to see at such an early stage in their campaign and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. If you are looking for a bespoke website that is built to stand out in a competitive space, this is how we can help you.

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The Challenge:

Accept Cards were encouraged to give their site an uplift by our SEO specialists. While they have seen some incredible results working alongside our team, it was clear that their website was lacking and preventing them from securing sales. The primary goal for them was to move away from templated designs that come with restrictions and limitations. They required a completely bespoke website that was unlike their competitors.

Our Senior Website Developers are skilled in all areas of bespoke website design and deliver advanced solutions tailored to meet our client’s needs. This helps them gain a competitive advantage and add value to their business. Our bespoke websites come with complete on-site optimisation giving you the best chance of ranking in the search results for competitive keywords.

Website design:

The website had all the required elements. It was responsive, secure and had ‘some’ optimised content. However, it didn’t deliver a unique browsing experience for users as there were certain restrictions in design. We brought their site up to speed with some modern-day modifications that helped increase engagement and time spent on-site.

The addition of animated visuals, graphics and mascots gave the website a friendly, fun and approachable look and feel without losing their corporate image. Animation makes a world of difference to websites by increasing the speed and engagement. Accept Cards has seen an uplift in enquiries since the launch of the
new website in March 2019.

One aspect of the original site that Accept Cards wanted to remain the same was the functionality. With a templated design, there is the benefit of being able to make changes without the need for complicated code, script and CSS. The new website was custom-made with a simple CMS, which allows the client to make changes without the need of assistance.

SEO Built In:

Many people don’t realise that SEO needs to be part of the website design process and not an afterthought. At Bigfoot Digital, we create optimised websites that are designed to rank in the search results as soon as they go live. This allows our clients to save money in looking for assistance with SEO elsewhere – it’s all part of the service.

Accept Cards did have some optimised content on their existing website. Their SEO strategy was always to improve online visibility naturally with backlinks from authoritative websites. The addition of content came later alongside the design of their website. We offered them advice and support in writing engaging content. Our SEO specialists then worked on optimising their content to ensure it ranked highly in the search results.

The screenshot below shows the number of organic keywords that Accept Cards have ranked for over the past year, with a sharp increase at the end of April following the addition of the website launch and optimised content.

The red column titled ‘Month’ shows the rankings before the website went live.

The green column listed ‘Rank’ shows the rankings following the launch of the new website.

None of their listed keywords were found in the top 100 before the website launch. However, following the launch and the creation of optimised content, these terms have shot to pages 2 and 3 of Google. That’s an average 500% increase!

With the addition of targeted outreach and PR, we are confident that Accept Cards will start to hit those top spots in the upcoming months.

The Here & Now:

It requires a pro-active link building strategy to compete with big players. We are looking to power up their on-site content with links from trusted influencers and bloggers, as well as news outlets with high-powered domains. We have included the addition of a blog that will be used to point relevant links to top-level pages. This will give their site the boost needed to hit the first page of Google and maintain those top spots.

Project Details