Pinterest’s New Analytics Tool Makes Measuring Use Easier

Now social media managers and marketers can go straight to Pinterest, rather than third-party tools, to find out how their market is using Pinterest with their website. On March 12, the fast-growing, visually based social media site unveiled its own analytics tool.

Measuring things like retweets, likes and plus ones has been relatively easy and is often used in gauging the success of social media plans. Setting measurable goals can help you understand if your marketing plan is working and can help you prove the worth of your strategies to the management at your company.

What You Can Learn With the New Feature

Pinterest is making it easier to measure how well your brand is doing on Pinterest by making a few statistics more readily available. You can even look at statistics for a certain time period and download the results.

How Many People Came to Your Site From Pinterest

Using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website is probably not a new idea. However, this piece of information can tell you just how much traffic you are getting which could help you modify your strategies to find out what kinds of content bring the most traffic.

How Many People have Pinned Images from Your Site

This statistic can help you understand how your readers are interacting with your content. If one of your goals is to add more content from your site to Pinterest, this is a great way to see how you’re doing.

How Many People Have Seen the Pins from Your Site

This could be a very powerful number. After all, if you spend lots of time pinning, or encouraging your users to pin, content from your site but no one sees it, how successful is your campaign? By keeping an eye on your pins’ visibility, you’ll be able to better assess what you are getting out of your Pinterest efforts.

Most Popular Pins

Knowing which ones of your pins are repined, clicked on and most recently pinned can help you create the best content possible. When you know what your audience is responding to you can more easily meet its needs and improve your social media campaigns.

How to Start Using Pinterest Analytics

Before you can use any of the new analytics features you’ll need to verify your site with Pinterest. Doing this will add your site’s URL to your profile, may help generate some traffic to your site and will allow Pinterest to access the details listed above. Next, you’ll need to use Pinterest’s updated feed. When you login, you should be prompted to switch to the new view. Once everything is set up you can access your analytics from the menu in the right-hand corner of your account page.

Using Pinterest’s analytics feature can help you use the site more effectively. Knowing how your users are using Pinterest in conjunction with your site’s content can help you understand how to provide content that will resonate with your market.