Pinterest Unveils “Interests” Making Content Easier to Find

Pinterest is a very popular social media network that has grown extremely fast. The site has 70 million users and boasts an average of 2.5 billion monthly page views, so if your business doesn’t already use the site as part of its social media marketing plan, it’s time to consider signing up.

All kinds of businesses use Pinterest to connect with their market and share content, especially content that is visually appealing. Pinterest is a great way to get your content out there and drive traffic to your website or blog. Now, the network has unveiled a new feature that will make it even easier for you to find your market and share your content with the right people.

Pinterest “Interests”

The new feature, called “Interests,” can be found under the menu next to the search box. When a user chooses this option, she will be presented with a list of categories that she has pinned content in. The categories are visually displayed as boxes, with the largest boxes highlighting what Pinterest thinks the user is most interested in. When the user clicks on one of the categories, she can look at dozens of pins of that topic. This makes it possible for users to browse pins in more narrow topics.

Pinterest already organises shared content with broad topics like gardening, DIY and crafts, home decor, humour, photography, products and other categories. But now, a user may see a personalised category called, “wreaths” for example, and will be able to browse images and content about wreaths instead browsing through the home decor or crafts category, looking for this kind of content.

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In its announcement Pinterest explained that as users pin more content, their “Interests” page will change to reflect their current interests and to be more customised. Right now the feature is only available on the desktop site but will soon be available on mobile devices.

How Your Business Can Leverage “Interests”

The “Interests” section will make it easier for your users to find your content. When you produce content about very specific topics and share it on Pinterest, it could appear in these niche categories in users’ “Interests” section. As people find your content, they will be more likely to visit your site and follow your account.

But, you can also use this new feature to find people to connect with on Pinterest. As you use your account to pin content about specific topics, you can use your own “Interests” page to find people who are interested in these same topics. If you do this strategically, and find people with interests that make them potential customers, you can find and connect with an audience that is likely to buy your products or services.

Pinterest is already a popular and powerful social media site you can use to reach your market and this new feature can make it even more valuable. As it becomes easier for users to find content on specific topics, and for you to find your market, Pinterest will become an even more valuable tool for your business.