Pinterest is Taking the First Step in Offering Promoted Pins: Start Preparing Now!

This week, Pinterest announced that it is starting to experiment with promoted pins.

While promoted pins may not be shocking news, since almost all social media networks begin monetizing their sites at some point, it is exciting news for businesses.

Ben Silbermann, the CEO and co-founder of Pinterest announced the move in a blog post. He writes that right now, only a few businesses will be promoting pins and that the ads will not be flashy or distracting. In fact, he says the pins will be relevant to searches and that Pinterest plans to improve the way it allows businesses to promote pins based on user feedback. The promoted pins will also be marked as such, so users will know they are looking at an ad.

For now, the promoted pins will appear when a user searches for a term related to the pin. For example, if someone searches for “Halloween,” a pin promoting a costume may appear in the results.

What your business should do now.

If your market uses Pinterest, you should start preparing for this change now. While the site hasn’t announced a way for businesses to sign up for the program or begin promoting pins, it is probably safe to say that the time will come when all businesses will have the opportunity to advertise on Pinterest.

Now is the perfect time to update your Pinterest account, build up your pins and boards and increase your Pinterest following.

Perfect your profile.

Start by making sure the information on your profile is up to date. If you haven’t already, verify your business so that your profile links directly to your website. Don’t forget to use keywords wherever possible.

Refine your strategy.

Decide now how you will use Pinterest and what you want to accomplish with your account. Set some goals, whether they be increasing sales, driving traffic or raising awareness about your brand, that Pinterest can help you with.

Start pinning!

Build up your account and attract followers by pinning images and organising your pins on boards. Do this strategically and use keywords. You should also be pinning content from your own website, like blog posts and product images. When you pin something make sure it is from a page you want your customers to be redirected to. For example, if you want to increase sales, pin images from pages where people can purchase your products.

Add Pinterest buttons to your site.

Let your site visitors help you build your presence on Pinterest by adding buttons to your site. You can add these to blog posts, to a sidebar on your site or to individual images and products. Making it easy for people to share your content on Pinterest increases the likelihood that they will.

Could promoted pins be just what your business profile needs?

Pinterest is a very popular social media site and when used correctly, can be a powerful social media marketing tool for your business. Prepare now to use promoted pins by making sure your profile is complete and building up your presence on the site so your ads will be even more successful.

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