Pinterest Introduces Rich Pins that will Benefit Businesses

With 10.4 million users, Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing social media networks. With that growth, the company has added new features, like bigger pictures and a better mobile app, that benefit both everyday users and businesses. The latest of these new features is the addition of Rich Pins that include more details about products, recipes and movies.

More Information Attached to Rich Pins

The new feature brings pinning to a whole new level. Instead of acting as just a page full of saved images and links to web pages, users’ Pinterest boards can now hold more useful information and businesses can share more details about their products through pins.

When someone clicks on a Rich Pin for a product, he will see a bigger image of the product and information about where it can be purchased, if it is in stock, the item’s price and a link to the seller’s website.

An example of a Rich Pin for a product.

Rich Pins for recipes include information about the ingredients needed for the dish, the number of servings it makes and even cooking times. Rich Pins for movies show the film’s content rating, details about the cast and even its Netflix rating.

In the Pinterest feed, Rich Pins will be noted with an icon so users can quickly see which pins in their feed have more content. Pinterest has stated that where applicable, any pins users have already created will be updated with the new features.

Businesses will Benefit

Rich Pins have the potential to help businesses get even more out of Pinterest. As businesses post products with more information, users may be more likely to visit company websites and make purchases. Pinterest is an extremely visual social media network and businesses that take advantage of this by posting images of products now have one more feature at their disposal. Rich Pins can help businesses enhance their Pinterest boards and their Pinterest marketing strategies.

Currently, eBay, Etsy, Neiman Marcus, Sony, Martha Stewart Living, Nestle Very Best Baking, and Netflix, among others, are all using the new Rich Pins. However, any business on Pinterest that has an account specifically designated as a “business account” can use the new feature.

How to Implement Rich Pins

Rich Pins are automatically populated with information about products, recipes and movies. To allow Pinterest to do this, your business will need to use meta tags correctly. Pinterest has a resource page that can help businesses set up Rich Pins, and if you have a web developer, he or she may be able to help with the technical aspects of the new tool.

Of course, after you set up Rich Pins for your business, you should use them strategically. Map out what you want to share on Pinterest, and then follow through by posting products with complete meta tags. You can also get more out of the new feature by making sure your pins are easy to find, which will inspire users to visit your site or buy your products. Using detailed descriptions, keywords and organized boards can all make your pins more visible.

Many brands are already using Pinterest to promote their products and services and to raise awareness of their business among their target markets. The new Rich Pins have the power to take Pinterest marketing to the next level by making it possible for business to include more information about their pins, encouraging users to take action and become customers.