Pinterest can Bring More Traffic and Sales. Here’s How

Pinterest quickly became a social media giant after it was launched in 2010. According to The Next Web, Pinterest now has more than 70 million users and according to Shopify, the average sales order value for site visitors that are referred by Pinterest is $58.95 (£37.24).

These two stats alone show that Pinterest has potential to help your business reach its markets, increase your site traffic and make more sales. Pinterest users are often looking for products, project ideas and product reviews and recommendations. So how do you take advantage of this market and social media channel to boost your business?

Drive More Traffic to Your Site

The secret to getting traffic from Pinterest is to understand that people only visit your site if they are interested enough in your pins to click on them for more information. Pinterest posts all link directly to their source, so you need to use an enticing image to get people interested enough in your content to click on the picture and come to your site.

Use the Right Images

First, use attractive, professional and interesting photos in your content so your Pinterest posts will be more effective. You want your pins to stand out in the sea of images and tell a story or offer value people want to know more about. You can use pin descriptions to help you, but without interesting images, your pins won’t help you drive traffic to your site.

Make it Easy to Pin Content

Let your fans and market help you promote your content by making it easy for people to pin it. Use Pinterest buttons on your website and blog posts so as people find your content they will want to pin it to reference later and share with their friends.

Build Resourceful Boards

Leverage Pinterest boards to help you make your account more valuable. Use categories to organise content and put together resources, in the form of boards, that people will find helpful and valuable so they will follow your account and click on your content.


Increase Sales

As you drive traffic to your website, you have the opportunity to make sales. Of course, you’ll need to start with an optimised website, persuasive copy and excellent products. When you have this foundation, you can use Pinterest to help you increase sales.

Demonstrate Product Value

Pinterest is a great tool for showing off what your products can do. Use images that show them in action or create content, with relevant images, that gives users ideas for how to get more out of your products.

Solve Problems

People who use Pinterest are often looking for solutions to everyday problems. They want to find tricks to make home improvement projects easier, home decorating solutions, baking ideas, gadget recommendations and other information that makes their lives easier. Knowing this, you can make more sales by promoting your products on Pinterest as solutions to common problems.

Offer Deals

Pinterest is also a good place to offer deals and promote special sales. Make this visual by using coupons or creating graphics that promote the sale. Use pictures that show your products and draw attention to the deal so people will want to click on them for more information.

Wishpond reports that more people find ideas for what to purchase on Pinterest than on Facebook and that 69 percent of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found things they have purchased or want to purchase on the site.

Pinterest is an ever-growing social media network that can bring a lot of benefits to your business. When you include it in your social media marketing strategy, you can increase traffic to your site and make more sales. Use these tips to enhance your strategy to get more out of your Pinterest account.