Pinterest Boards now Appear in Bing Search Results

Bing has announced that it is now including Pinterest boards in its image search results.

Where appropriate, Pinterest boards will appear on the right-hand side of the engine’s image search results, allowing users to visit the Pinterest board directly from the results page.

On its blog, Bing reports that it is taking this step as a way to include human-curated and categorised images in addition to the images that are sorted, categorised and displayed by algorithms. This approach could mean users will see results with a more human element, which could mean the results will be more helpful.

The search engine already allows users to pin images from search results directly to their Pinterest boards, so this is a natural step in combining search and Pinterest. Just one benefit of including Pinterest boards in search results is that it will make it possible for users to quickly find related images and follow Pinterest users and boards related to their interests.

How you can use Pinterest board search results.

With this latest update, writing keyword-rich pin and board descriptions is even more important. While Bing hasn’t stated how the search results work, it is probably safe to assume that they are at least somewhat dependent on image and board descriptions.

You can make it more likely that your boards will appear in search results by using keywords that people will search for. As you write descriptions, think about terms people in your market would use if they were searching for the information you have.

But, using this new feature to get results will require more than writing good descriptions. To get the most out of Pinterest and Bing search results, you need to be strategic about what you pin.

As you plan search engine optimisation campaigns you target specific keywords and carefully decide which keywords you will use for each page on your website. You consider your audience and you decide which pages you want to direct people to that will be most likely to convert them to customers. This same approach should be used for Pinterest.

Create Pinterest boards that direct people to pages on your site that will help you reach your goals. One great example of this strategy is to pin images of you products. Pin images from sales pages so that when a viewer clicks on the search result in Bing and then on the image on your Pinterest board, she will be directed to a page where she can purchase the product.

It’s not too late to get started.

Even if your business hasn’t added Pinterest to its social media marketing strategy, it’s not too late to start using it and leverage this new Bing feature. Start by setting up a Pinterest account and linking it to your website.

Then, decide what kinds of boards you should create by thinking about what search terms and results will help you target your market and attract new customers. Thoughtfully pin images from your blog and website that will not only help you earn Bing Pinterest board rankings, but that will help your business grow when searchers click on your boards and images.

This new feature from Bing and Pinterest could change the way some businesses use Pinterest and value image search results on Bing. Get started now by updating your Pinterest account and pinning more images!

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