Pinterest Announces New Business Accounts

It’s almost unbelievable how fast Pinterest is growing. With more than 10 million unique monthly visitors, it’s no wonder businesses are looking for ways to incorporate the highly-visual social media channel into their digital marketing plans. By unveiling new business-specific accounts, Pinterest just made it easier for businesses to create and manage an account, their followers and their pins.

Regular Pinterest accounts let users manage a personal profile, create multiple boards, pin images from within Pinterest or from anywhere on the web, and follow, like and comment on their friends’ pins. Here are a few of the additional features you can look forward to with a business account, and what they mean for your brand.

Site Verification

You can now add your full URL, along with a verification symbol, to your user bio. The process is easy, and adding your URL and the symbol adds a touch of professionalism to your profile.

What it Means for You: Pinterest users can now quickly identify brands on Pinterest. There will be no doubt as to whether an account is the official account for your brand, and you may actually get some traffic to your site when users read your bio and want to find out more about your company.

When you create your business’ profile, make sure your bio is brief but descriptive. Users will probably only glance at your profile, so your messaging needs to be concise. Also take advantage of the ability to link to your Twitter profile and to include your logo or another brand image as your profile picture.

See What Is Being Pinned From Your Site

By typing “” into your browser, you’ll be given a page full of pins that come from your site. The layout is much like the rest of Pinterest, but everything there will be from your domain.

What it Means for You: Knowing what your audience likes and what they are engaging with is half the battle when it comes to a successful social media plan. Using this source page, you can always see exactly what content is resonating with Pinterest users, and what isn’t.

To make your content more “pinable,” make it very visual. Pinterest is all about enticing images or representations of what users can find if they click through to your site. Tutorials, do-it-yourself and recipe pins attract a 42 percent higher click-through rate than other types of pins (according to Buzz Referrals).

Get the Pin It Button, Follow Button and Widgets

Now Pinterest makes it possible for users to add your site’s content to Pinterest straight from your website. You can add a Pin It button to your site or blog posts and users can share your content to Pinterest, just like they can to Facebook, Twitter, or any other site that uses buttons. You can also add a follow button so your audience can follow your Pinterest account and you can get the code for a personalized widget that displays your Pinterest profile or one of your boards.

What it Means for You: Tying your site to Pinterest with buttons and widgets makes it much more likely your readers will share content, which in theory will generate more traffic to your site. Shareable content isn’t just interesting or fun, it’s physically easy to share. If a Pin It button immediately follows beautiful images or useful tips on your blog, readers will be more likely to pin it because it only takes a few seconds.

Pinterest is becoming more and more relevant. What started as a way for users to organize content they found on blogs and websites and a way for friends to share ideas has become a way for businesses to share their relevant content.