Pinspire more Purchases with Pinterest

Many marketers are reluctant to focus their energy on any platform other than Facebook due to the sheer number of users available as their target audience on the network. However, new research released by bizrate insights suggests that we should possisibly start shifting our focus towards the image sharing site if we want to inspire purchases.

Since leaving their beta testing phase in the middle of 2012, Pinterest has continued to grow a steady number of visitors after they hit the 104 million mark in April. Despite some key brands calling for the end of all the fuss over Pinterest, the story from the consumers seems to be that it’s their platform of choice for making purchasing decisions.

How members are using Pinterest… And how to reach them!

Entertainment – The vast majority of members (73%) surveyed by bizrate insights use the network to pass the time. Pinterest offers an endless catalogue of user curated ideas and inspiration which appeals to the visual and creative social networker.

To reach these people you have to engage with their style and interests. By following your fans you’ll notice trends and styles emerging that can help you to share the right content. Sharing original content is the key, as bringing something fresh to the table will make you more popular than someone who only re-shares what is already there.

Inspiration – Users are using the platform to discover new items, makes lists of what they want, and then to make purchasing decisions  Think of Pinterest as giant aspirational shopping lists. They show you the kind of lifestyle your audience already has, and the kind of lifestyle they aspire to.

To interact with these users you need to make sure you’re displaying your products and services in the best possible light. Hire a designer if you need to! Think of interesting ways to highlight the best features in a way that makes the images very “pinnable”. And don’t forget to add price tags so they’ll show up in the gift section.

Follow & Connect with Brands – While Facebook still reigns in the coupon and offer arena, there are still a lot of offers circulating on Pinterest. Make sure your offer is displayed in a image that is: in keeping with your branding, clearly highlights what is available, and optimised for the Pinterest layout. Consider making a few variations of the offer graphic so that you can continue to share the image without spamming.