Persuasive E-commerce Copy: How To Write Content That Sells

When it comes to a successful e-commerce website, you must write copy that sells. Persuasive e-commerce copy is key.

Enticing and encouraging customers to part with their cash will, more often than not, be the difference between success and failure of any business.

When your company exists primarily online, the content you write acts as a sales representative, providing a human voice and encouraging, persuasive tone. Perfect your persuasive E-commerce copy with our top tips and tricks.

Back to basics – your standard GCSE English lesson!

When stepping into a store, there are certain things you expect. On one hand, you would usually expect to see staff on hand to help answer any questions you may have. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than walking into a shop, only to be confronted by pushy sales assistants as this makes you want to turn around and leave immediately! Sometimes abandoning the one thing you came for.

Writing persuasive E-commerce copy runs along similar lines. It is important to strike a balance between persuasive, sales content and more conversational or descriptive aspects. Knowledge of persuasive writing, in general, will help refine your style, to come across in a clear, concise manner without risking affronting customers.

A quick guide to good persuasive writing

1. Conventions

When starting out writing your persuasive e-commerce copy, you need to understand the conventions of persuasive writing in general. Similarly to argument writing, persuasive writing often uses rhetorical devices to sway their readers. With this style of writing, there is usually more scope to tap into appeals to emotion. Including hard facts, such as accurate statistics, can be very effective when trying to influence readers.

Moreover, making your argument clear from the start with a concise thesis statement is one of the most important features of persuasive writing as it notifies the reader of your point of view without hesitation, allowing you to develop and enforce this throughout.

Person typing persuasive e-commerce copy

2. Use a variety of persuasion techniques

Switching up the persuasive devices you use will ensure your argument is as encouraging and convincing as possible, as well as making it seem far more natural and unforced! Make sure to include some of the following in your content.

  • Rhetoric – There are three main aspects to the use of rhetoric in your writing, pathos, ethos, and logos. Pathos is about emotion, ethos involves credibility and logos entails logic. Using a combination of these three will help you build and convincing argument.
  • Repetition – reinforce what you are telling them. Do not cram your argument in haphazardly every other word, but make sure your pitch is clear and consistent throughout so that it comes across as authoritative and convincing as possible.
  • Social validation – including quotations and validations of your argument from outside sources really helps boost your claims, in the world of persuasive E-commerce copy, this comes most obviously in the form of reviews.
  • Agitation of the problem – encouraging readers can be as simple as making the problem you are solving seem as big as possible, without wildly exaggerating. Making the problem clear will elevate the need for the solution you propose, making your overall proposition more impressive.

3. Be authoritative and firm

Conveying a trustworthy and expert tone in your persuasive e-commerce copy is really important. Convincing your readers that you know what you are talking about is the key to a plausible argument, so get your facts right and present them in a firm way.

Avoid overusing wishy-washy terms and adopt a more concise tone. Cutting out excess reading and getting straight to the point is essential for persuasive e-commerce copy as clients need to be convinced quickly.

4. Challenge your readers

A slightly less obvious tool to use is challenging your readers. When it comes to persuasive E-commerce copy, you need to not only convince your readers of your services but also encourage them to purchase from you over your competitors. One way to do this is by challenging them in ways that competing businesses don’t.

5. Acknowledge counter-arguments.

One thing that is intrinsic to any persuasive argument is the presence of alternative points of view. You may think that in order to boost your argument, dismissing these views is the way to go. However, increasing the credibility of your claims even further would be to outline these counter-arguments, and then discount them by the merits of your points. This will increase a readers trust as they can understand how you are better than the rest, and not simply blindly pushing your view without considering alternatives.

So, now you know the basics, how can you apply this to writing persuasive e-commerce copy?

The best content is essential for any e-commerce business. You may have the best services, products, and price, but if you do not write content that promotes this you simply won’t get found or be able to convert website traffic into sales. Alongside optimised content, persuasive writing will help convert clicks to profit, increasing your client base and boosting your business.

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Key content for successful e-commerce…

The website content used for any website is important, but when it comes to an e-commerce site the content you use acts as a sales representative driving digital industry. As an e-commerce company, customers cannot interact face-to-face as easily as other businesses, meaning the words you put on your website need to be as persuasive, yet reassuring as possible, catering for numerous questions clients may have.  Defining products, offering descriptions and presenting reviews are just a few of the key content aspects needed for a successful E-commerce site.

Content should be rich and engaging. There is nothing worse than a bland and unnecessary piece of writing. Weaving a story into your site can be one of the best ways to add intrigue to the services you sell, allowing communication both ways from you to your customers and from your customers to you, constantly improving and refining your business plan.

Familiarise yourself with customer intent. What do your clients want, what are they looking for when they visit your site and what key things do they always expect. Getting to grips with this information will allow you to optimise your website for these features. This is one of the best ways to get the best e-commerce website design, tailoring it for the best user experience.

Displaying genuine reviews is one of the most influential ways of portraying the best persuasive e-commerce copy. Making reviews prominent on your website will increase the trustworthiness and credibility of your company, allowing new clients to believe the claims you make. This, in turn, increases the power of any persuasive e-commerce copy you write as it validates the arguments you are likely to make. The best e-commerce website design will make it clear and easy for customers to leave reviews on your site, improving the direct communication between you and your clients.

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