Persuading Your Management to Use Social Media Marketing

If you’ve ever been in the position of trying to persuade the management at your business to use social media marketing, you understand the challenges it entails. Some businesses that have relied on traditional marketing tactics may feel that there is no need to try new tactics.

Managers at these businesses have successfully grown their business through traditional marketing, and may not understand the need to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies. So how do you persuade them that social media marketing will benefit their business and the bottom line?

Provide Numbers and Facts

If you are already using social media at your business, prove its worth by showing numbers and facts. Managers like to see evidence that strategies are working, and it can be hard to prove that social media has an effect on the business. Collect data that illustrates benefits like site traffic, product sales and increased awareness.

If you aren’t using social media, look for general statistics and case studies and find ways to apply them to your business. Market studies on how your markets use social media can also be helpful in proving how social media marketing can benefit your business.

Set Measurable Goals and Objectives

When you propose social media marketing plans to your manager, come with measurable goals and some specific objectives. Explain very clearly what social media can help you accomplish, how you will use it and then how you will measure the results.

Measurable goals have deadlines and outline how success will be measured. For example, one of your goals could be: “In six months, our social media efforts will increase our site’s traffic by 10 percent.” This goal is specific and measurable. An objective to help you reach this goal could include plans to share links to your website on a regular basis through social media.

Share What People are Saying About Your Brand

Even if your business isn’t already using social media, there is a chance that your market is already talking about your brand on social media. Do some research to find out what is being said, whether it is positive or negative conversations, and then come up with a plan to join or sway that conversation. When your management sees that your market is already talking about your business, they may feel it is important to add the brand’s voice to the conversation.

Present a Budget

Advertising and marketing can be expensive, so the lure of relatively inexpensive social media marketing can help you persuade your management. Social media marketing is by no means free, but it is substantially more affordable than things like television spots, billboards and print ads. Present a social media budget and compare it with your business’ current marketing budget. The idea here is to show your manager how he or she can get big benefits for a smaller investment. A side benefit of this approach is that it can help management feel that trying social media marketing won’t be expense, so it will be worth a trial run.

Convincing your management to invest time and other resources into social media marketing can be challenging. But, by doing some research and presenting some solid facts and goals to your manager, you can prove social media’s worth.