Why is Personalised Email Marketing so Important at Christmas?

Personalised email marketing campaigns have massive potential – if you execute them correctly.

Open rates for marketing emails currently stand at only 24.79% while the average click-through rate is just 4.19% – combine this with the fact that email frequencies at Christmas are skyrocketing and marketers have an uphill battle on their hands.

This is where personalised email marketing comes in.

With the rise of artificial intelligence and technological developments, customers now expect more from brands. With Christmas growing ever closer, and last-minute shoppers looking online for deals and discounts, the need for more personalised email marketing campaigns has never been greater.

So, follow our tips, get your (ice) skates on, and watch your Christmas success grow through an email marketing strategy!

Target the right customers

It’s all well and good having an excellent campaign with great content, but if you’re not targeting the right customer, there’s really no point. Relevant campaigns get better results – it’s that simple. By focusing on certain customers and segmenting your email marketing lists – dividing potential or existing customers based on different characteristics – your click-through-rates can increase exponentially.

Capture related data from your site – once the technical code has been set up, you can easily follow customers around your site and obtain useful information – such as purchase history, abandoned shopping carts and time spent on the site – allowing you to better connect with your target customer.

Turn abandoned carts into sales

Around Christmas time, customers can often get distracted, are unsure about a gift or may want to have a further look around before committing to a purchase. A gentle reminder is normally all they need.

An average of 69.23% of shoppers leave their cart before checkout, however those who received multiple emails about said abandoned baskets are 2.4 times more likely to complete the purchase than those who only received one follow up correspondence – so a quick follow up email is key.

Email Marketing Abandoned Cart Everlane

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Email Marketing Cart Abandonment Glossier

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Turn browsers into buyers with seasonal offers

We all love a good bargain at Christmas, don’t we? Luckily, its super easy to capitalise on this. Offers can be a great incentive for both new customer acquisition and in rewarding existing and loyal customers. Even better? Targeted discounts.

Through customer data and new technologies, businesses are now able to target consumers and clients at both a segment and individual level. This means brands are able to offer relevant discounts and offers which, in an age where we’re bombarded by so much irrelevant content, is a huge step in the right direction.

For example – if we could see that someone had been looking at our Bigfoot Digital Social Media Marketing page, we might send them an email linking them to a social media calendar or a relevant blog post or offer them a festive discount on our Social Media Management services.

Emails that are specifically targeted to the customer depending on their browsing habits or purchase history are much more likely to have a higher click-through-rate than more generic content.

Say my name, say my name

While it may seem simple, the importance of the use of names in your personalised email marketing cannot be ignored.

Including your customers’ first name in an email can boost your brand massively, with 74% of marketers saying that targeted personalisation increases customer engagement. It helps customers to feel special, and not just one in a million, meaning they are more likely to connect with your brand and return to your site.

Get started with email personalisation today

Use first names, mention previous purchases, and offer personalised discounts, the possibilities are endless. But if you get it right, you’ll really make your customers feel special and loved. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Name Personalised Email Marketing Tips

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