Periscope Becomes More Content Marketing Friendly with Search and Permanent Videos

recordingperiscopevideoPeriscope is changing its game with a few new features that will make it more content marketing friendly. Part of the success of content marketing comes with the ability to reach more people, and these two new features will help marketers accomplish that.

What’s New?

Periscope Search

Now, Periscope users will be able to search all the broadcasts on the site by title or topic. Periscope will also start suggesting topics to users, helping them find more videos they may be interested in. These suggested topics will appear when a user taps the search button.

Users will even be able to start broadcasting from these results by tapping the “broadcast” button at the top of the search results page. For example, if you do a search for a topic related to your business, you can see what others are saying about it and then quickly add your own broadcast about the same topic.

This feature is a powerful one because it will make Periscope’s huge database of broadcasts more accessible. Users can casually browse videos by topic or they can look for a specific video if they know its title, making it easier for marketers to attract viewers.

Permanent Videos

Perhaps the real power of Periscope’s new search comes into play with its second new feature: permanent videos. Now users have the option to save their videos for longer than 24 hours, essentially making them permanent posts. So not only will the search function help users find live broadcasts, but it will also enable them to find older videos.

In the next few weeks, videos will automatically be saved on a permanent basis and posted to Twitter along with all their hearts and comments. Users can delete their videos at any time and through their account settings set their videos to be deleted after 24 hours.

So What?

These updates are a big change for Periscope, which has relied on its unique social media approach based on live video broadcasting. While this is still a major part of the app, it is no longer the focus. This shift makes Periscope a video social networking site with the potential to be used for more than live broadcasting.

If you use any type of video marketing, you should consider using Periscope. This popular site can help you reach your market when you share live broadcasts. It can help you take events around the world and product launches to your customers, no matter where they are.

But, with the new search function and the ability to make videos permanent, you can also use the social site as a video sharing and content marketing tool in bigger ways. You can curate your own videos and save them on your account so your market can find them. You can optimise your titles and descriptions so your videos appear in search results, helping you connect with potential customers and brand ambassadors. If you haven’t set up a Periscope account, now is a good time to get started!