People Search Engine App Highlights Importance of Online Reputation Management

We’re forever warned about the dangers of posting too much information online; from the horror stories we hear about houses getting robbed after the owners share too much about their location and weekend plans, to terrible tales of prospective employers asking interviewees about the photos they posted from the weekend.

Even though the privacy settings have been simplified, and we’ve all been warned, many are still oblivious to the potential pitfalls of leaking too much personal information online. So maybe the launch of this new app will convince people to think twice about what they release into the social-media-sphere.

Lookup is a social media profile search app that is currently available for free in the Apple app store  It’s essentially a people search engine, with social media profiles in the cross hairs. It was developed by the talent search engine TalentBin, which aims to find candidates for jobs by searching social media profiles. The premise is that it’s better to catch people  doing what they do best in a candid setting, rather than on recruitment sites where everyone is one the best and most uniform behaviour.

In a press release, Pete Kazanjy, co-founder of TalentBin said the app aims to show you a persons personality, by piecing together their social media profiles and presenting a whole picture.

“Lookup brings all the layers together, providing a more genuine and comprehensive profile – spanning both business and personal interests.”

He cites uses such as: finding out more about the personalities of your co-workers; using it to find talking points before a business meeting; or to screen candidates before or after interviews.

How can you use this?

It’s a great way to keep an eye on your personal online reputation. Obviously, the first thing anyone will do when they download an app like this is search for their own name. I was pleased to see my profile at the top of my name search, but the information collected about me was woefully inaccurate and out of date. In terms of functionality, the app is great, but I have my doubts about its ability to present an accurate profile.

This may lead you to think further afield about your personal online reputation; and whether you want to boost or conceal it. There are so many great things you can do to keep an eye on your online presence, and if you’re regularly publishing content, you might want to check it’s being correctly attributed to you.

There are 2 steps you should take to monitor you online reputation:

Set up Google alerts for your name, your company, and any other uniquely identifying information. This will push notifications to you when your key word shows up on the search engines’s radar.

Use a reputation management service like Brand Yourself to keep track of what does and doesn’t show up. This site helps by making links between your online profiles, and by helping you to boost your personal keywords.