Why People are Leaving Your Website and How to Stop Them

Image courtesy of Stavros Markopoulos/Flickr.

The longer people stay on your site the more time you have to convert them into customers. When people browse your pages, read your blog posts and look at your products, they will be more likely to respond to your calls to action. But, how do you get people to stay on your site?

Many businesses unknowingly have elements on their site that actually drive traffic away. This checklist can help you find out why your site has a high bounce rate and how you can keep people on your site longer.

Your Site Doesn’t Look Professional

You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression with your website and if it doesn’t look professional, people will click the “back” button. A professional website tells visitors they can trust you and that you provide real solutions.

The Fix

Make sure your site’s design is clean and professional. Copy, photos, graphics and other elements should also be professional and reflect your brand. An outdated site can look unprofessional and tell people you don’t keep up with technology, so keep your design current.

You don’t Direct Visitors’ Attention

When people come to your website, what is the first thing they look at? If your site is too busy, or too boring, people won’t know where to look first. This is a problem because you won’t be able to entice visitors to explore your site.

The Fix

Choose a focal point and then work to make sure your design directs peoples’ attention to it. Strategically choose to highlight something like a new product, email subscription form or specific page on your website so you can achieve your marketing goals.

The Call to Action isn’t Clear

People need to know what to do when they visit your site. Whether they come with a purpose in mind or not, you need a relevant call to action that will grab their attention and encourage them to take action that will help you meet your goals. Sites that lack calls to action or that have unclear or confusing calls to action aren’t very successful.

The Fix

Choose your call to action carefully, making sure it fits in with your overall business and marketing goals and speaks to your market. Then, make sure it is easy to understand, very clear and in a prominent place on your site.

You Make things Hard

If your call to action is clear but it is hard for people to respond to it, they will leave your site. For example, if you invite people to sign up for your email updates but the form is hard to find or use, people won’t follow through.

The Fix

After you have established a call to action, make sure it is easy for people to respond to it. Don’t make it hard for people to work with your business, or you might just lose site visitors and even customers.

Driving more traffic to your site and decreasing your bounce rate is great way to make progress toward increasing sign-ups, making more sales, raising brand awareness and accomplishing all kinds of goals. These tips can help you make sure your site is visitor friendly and a more effective marketing tool.