Why People are Leaving Your Website

Image courtesy of See-ming Lee/Flickr.

A major part of Internet marketing includes driving traffic to your website and getting visitors to stay there long enough to respond to your calls to action. The longer people stay on your site, the higher your chances of increasing sales, growing your email subscriber list and accomplishing other goals that will benefit your business.


If your bounce rates are high and visitors are leaving your site before they take action, it’s important to identify the problem and fix it. Finding out what changes you need to make to your site will require some analysis and in-depth research on your site’s analytics, but there are some common reasons people leave websites quickly.

You Don’t Provide a Solution Right Away

People are visiting your website because they are looking for some kind of solution. They are looking for more information, resources or products, and if you can’t provide what people are looking for they will quickly leave.


Do some research to find out what people want when they come to your site and then make sure you provide that up front. Include the information people want on your home page or use clear links or navigation menus to lead people there.

The Site is Unprofessional or Hard to Use

You only have a few seconds to persuade people to stay on your website. If people come to your site and feel that it looks unprofessional or it’s hard to use, they will quickly leave. Prove to your visitors that it’s worth their time to stay on your site by using a professional design. Clean, organised and updated sites instantly tell visitors your business is reputable.


Don’t bury the information people are looking for. Implement a navigation system that is clear and easy to use so people don’t get lost looking for the things they need. Lost or confused visitors will quickly leave your site and look for a solution somewhere else.

You Fail to Grab and Keep Interest

One of the quickest ways to drive traffic away from your site is to fail to grab people’s interest. There are two types of visitors to keep in mind as you design your site: those looking for something specific and those who have stumbled upon your site.


When people come to your site looking for something specific, make it easy to find it and then use interesting copy, design and information to encourage them to stay on your site longer.


You also need to make your site interesting to people who find it through a search engine, social media link or referral from another site. These people may need extra incentives to stay on your site because they may not be there for a specific purpose but can be persuaded to browse your content, pages and products.


Keeping people on your site is essential to making your digital marketing, content marketing, sales and other promotional strategies successful. When people stay on your site, you have more time to convey your messages, get their interest and persuade them to take action that will benefit your business.