Most People Consider their Smartphone a Central Part of their Life, and not for Traditional Reasons

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New research backs up the idea that we are very dependent on our smartphones and even proves that people aren’t using their phones for traditional phone tasks. Knowing how people in your market use their phones, you can more effectively target your customers and leverage your mobile marketing tactics.

Depending on your business, mobile marketing could play a key part in your marketing strategy and even help you reach more people. It could also help you accomplish things like increased brand awareness, site traffic and sales.

We’re Hooked on our Smartphones

Exact Target did some research into how we use our mobile devices. The company found that 85 percent of the people who responded to its survey consider their mobile devices a central aspect of their lives. The vast majority of people depend on their smartphone daily and feel that it plays a major role in their day-to-day lives.

We already know how prevalent smartphone use is. No matter where you go, people are glued to their smartphones reading news articles, using social media, sending text messages, playing games, shopping and browsing the Internet.

We’re doing more With our Smartphones

In Exact Target’s survey, 89 percent of the people surveyed feel that smartphones help them stay in touch with family and friends and keep up with events. The fact that people use their smartphones for more than making phone calls is no surprise, but the statistics that prove this theory are stunning.

According to a 2013 study by Nielsen, the vast majority of time people spend on their smartphones isn’t spent doing traditional things like making phone calls, sending text messages or accessing contact information.

In fact, the study found that only:

  • 9% of the time people spend on their smartphones is spent sending text messages.
  • 3% of their time is spent using the phone dialer.
  • 2% of their time is spent using the address book.

This means that just 14 percent of the time people spend on their smartphones is used to contact people. So what are people doing the rest of the time? They are using mobile apps.

Your Business and Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing can be loosely categorised into three areas: social media, Internet and apps. When you find ways to use each of these three areas to promote your business, your mobile marketing plan will be stronger.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are commonly used on the go. Make sure your social media strategy is mobile friendly by remembering that people on the go are looking for short pieces of information.

Make sure your website is easily viewed and used on the small screen of a mobile device and consider mobile advertising strategies like paid search ads and banner ads.

Finally, consider whether a mobile app can benefit your market. Not all businesses need their own app, but if you can offer real value to your market and promote your business through an app, this tactic could be very beneficial.

Mobile marketing is absolutely essential right now as the majority of people feel they depend on their smartphone every day and are using it to access websites, social media and apps.