People aren’t Clicking on Email Links – Here’s what to Do

When people open your marketing emails, that’s a great first step that means your recipients are interested in what you have to say and like your content. However, getting people to click on your links is the next step, and one that can make your campaigns even more successful.

What the Research Shows

A study by analysed more than 1.5 billion emails to find out how well email marketing is performing for small to medium-sized UK businesses. The research only included emails from lists that people opted in to, so the results give an authentic look at an average email marketing campaign.

The report is full of helpful information, but one of the most astounding statistics revealed is that while nearly 23 percent of sent emails were opened, only about 3 percent generated click throughs. Businesses are able to achieve good open rates, but people aren’t clicking on the links in the emails, which can be a major barrier.

When people don’t click on your email marketing links, you miss opportunities to make a sale, persuade people to browse your site or let people see your content in its entirety. Overcoming this problem is a major step forward in making email marketing work for you.

In fact, magneticmail reports that 66 percent of consumers have made an online purchase as a result of an email marketing message. That’s a large percentage and means that email marketing does have the power to help you sell your products.

How to Beat the Statistic

By changing the way you draft your emails and making some alterations to the kind of content you send, you can beat the 3 percent statistic and generate more clicks.

Make it Personal

Make sure every email you send will be of personal interest to your subscribers. Use targeted content and subject lines that will grab interest and make sure your content is valuable to the recipients. You may consider creating several niche lists so you can more easily personalise your emails.

Use Visual Cues

Instead of hiding your links in your email content, draw attention to them by using different colours, buttons, images and design elements. This is a simple way to make your links and calls to action stand out so people will be more likely to click on them.

Don’t Give it all Away

If you give your market everything people want and need in your emails, they don’t have a reason to click on the links you share. Share just a snippet of your blog post or tell people they can get all the details they need on your website.

Incentivise like a Pro

Offering incentives like coupons, discounts, insider information or giveaways can encourage people to click on your links. This approach gives people one more reason why they should leave your email and go to your website.

Make it Urgent

Creating a sense of urgency by using limited-time offers, telling people they can’t afford not to act and making your offer so good that people won’t want to waste time can also increase your click-through rates. Use your emails’ subject line and copy to tell people they need to act immediately.

Low click-through rates are a hurdle businesses need to overcome, but understanding how you can inspire your market to act and click on the links you share can help you make your email marketing much more effective.