Why People aren’t Clicking on your Email Marketing Links

Image courtesy of thepathtraveler/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Getting people to click on the links you share through email marketing messages is essential if you want to drive traffic to your site, make sales, increase social media followers or accomplish other goals that require people to leave the email message.

If you have been developing an email marketing campaign or sending emails for a while, but haven’t seen very many clicks, there could be several reasons behind your low numbers.

People aren’t Opening your Emails

If people aren’t opening your emails, you need to deal with this issue before you can attempt to increase clicks. Most email marketing services will give you an email open rate for each of your messages, so look closely at these to see if you need to work on your open rate.

You can increase open rates by experimenting with subject lines and email frequency. Subject lines need to be catchy and interesting and show recipients why they should care about your message. Avoid looking spammy or having your emails deleted by only sending emails when you have something of value to send your subscribers.

Your Content Doesn’t Match your Market

The topics and content in general need to appeal to your market if you want people to open your emails and look at them long enough to click on your links. Assess your content and make sure it is something the people you are targeting would be interested in.

You can experiment with different kinds of content by tracking open and click rates to see what gets the best results. You can also do surveys or polls to find out what email subscribers would be interested in hearing about. If you have a long list of subscribers, consider breaking it into multiple lists so you can send more personalised content to different sub groups.

There isn’t a Reason to Click

People need a good reason to click on the links you send. Remember that most people already get a lot of email and they don’t have the time or interest to click on links that don’t directly benefit them.

If people can get all the information they need in your email, they don’t need to click through to your website. They’ll simply scan the email and then delete it. Give your recipients a reason to click on your links by only sending parts of blog posts, offering special deals on your site or directing people to site pages for valuable resources.

Anchor Texts or Calls to Action aren’t Enticing

The calls to action you use to get people to click on links and the anchor text you use need to be enticing enough for people to want to click on them. If people aren’t interested in what you have to share, they won’t visit your website.

If you use blog post titles as anchor text, make sure they are interesting and tell people why they should read the post, buttons should have calls to action that make people want to click on them and all links should show readers that there is value in clicking on them.

When people start clicking on the links in your marketing emails, you will benefit from increased site traffic, more sales, a larger social media following and so many other perks that come with getting people to act on your emails.