Advertising, in its more traditional form, is a well established element in the marketing mix and companies will more readily spend huge amounts of their marketing budget on above and below the line advertising than they will on more ‘new fangled’ marketing activity. There’s no denying that advertising can work (it wouldn’t be such a huge industry if it didn’t) but all too often we come across businesses spending on offline advertising without knowing whether or not it is delivering a good return. Bigger companies with huge budgets will invest heavily in researching the impact of their advertising and will therefore be spending more wisely. In the main though, we find businesses are advertising because ‘it’s what everyone does.’ Online Advertising comes in many forms including affiliate marketing, banner advertising, search advertising (such as Google adwords), content networking, image ads, Facebook advertising, to a name a handful, with much cross over between them. These platforms offer highly targeted and completely measurable advertising opportunities.

Online advertising is typically charged on a goal basis. This could be cost per impression (CPM), cost per click (typically known as Pay Per Click or PPC) or cost per action, ensuring that your advertising spend delivers a measurable return. We can’t tell you the number of client/agency meetings we have sat through where the digital agency is the only team in the room able to demonstrate a real return on investment, leaving the other agencies in the room floundering to justify their budgets. In fact we’ve even gone head to head with agencies who claim to be expert online media buyers, only to be shocked at their approach and inability to deliver a good return.

The trick with online advertising is maximising your return, optimising your ads to gain maximum exposure at minimum cost. To achieve this you will undoubtedly require the help of a professional and that’s where we can help. Our online advertising experts will continually create, monitor, test and tweak your campaigns to maximise your budgets. They’ll identify the right platforms for you online campaigns and will proactively manage your ads to make them a success.

Google adwords enables you to bid on specific keywords to show your ad within the sponsored advertising space on Google’s search listings – a great way to fast track your rankings. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Instant rankings and advertising that guarantees a return – what’s not to like? Well, as with all good things, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds and there’s more to Pay Per Click advertising than simply creating an ad and setting your budget. There’s pitching your ad so that relevant searchers are compelled to click it, there’s finding the right keywords and setting an effective budget. Then there’s optimising your ad for the search engines. Google is increasingly judging the quality, relevance and popularity of an ad in order to determine its position in its listings. It takes skill and knowhow to deliver a successful campaign but if you get it right then you’ve discovered pure gold! So if you are looking to advertise your brand, get with the times, embrace the online advertising opportunities and commission an agency that can manage a successful campaign for you. You won’t be disappointed!