How to Overcome 4 Daunting Email Marketing Challenges

Email marketing success can’t be achieved unless you overcome some challenges.

If you use email marketing, you know that finding success is a matter of finding the perfect frequency, messaging and content. Email marketing success can bring big benefits if you can overcome some of the common challenges that come with it.

At first glance, these statistics seem a little daunting, but they reveal key information that can help you enhance your campaign so it will bring better results.

Average open rate is 22.8%.

According to Smart Insights, emails from businesses are only opened 22.8 percent of the time. This statistic may not be very encouraging, but it does emphasise the need for businesses to give their markets a reason to open their emails.

If you know that most people don’t even bother to open marketing emails, you know that you need to make the most of the subject line and provide significant value if you want your market to read yours.

Average click-through rate is 3.36%.

Smart Insights also reports that the click-through rate for marketing emails is 3.36 percent. This statistic, and the previous one, is based on research that examined marketing emails from 25 industries across the UK.

This click-through rate reveals that even if someone opens your email, the chance that he will click on a link in it is very slim. The solution to this challenge is to use enticing copy and give people a good reason to click on links in your emails.

Strategies like only showing the first paragraph of a blog post in the email, offering deals and directing people to valuable resources can help you increase your click-through rate.

21% of people report email as spam, even if they know it isn’t.

Convince and Convert reports that 21 percent of people report marketing emails as spam, even when they know they aren’t spam. This number is significant and means you could be losing subscribers who don’t feel your emails are relevant or offer enough value.

Avoid losing subscribers by providing content that interests your market, that people are looking for and that is relevant to your subscribers. The most successful email marketing campaigns will deliver value directly to your target markets’ inbox.

17% of people set up a new email address every six months.

Convince and Convert also found that 17 percent of Americans create a new email address about every six months. While we don’t know what the statistic is for the UK, email users here probably have similar habits.

What does this mean for your campaign? It means that the addresses on your list aren’t always accurate and that your emails aren’t always being delivered to or seen by your target market.

One of the best ways to overcome this challenge is to make it easy for people to update their email address and to constantly strive toward building a current email list. Just because people have subscribed once, don’t assume they are getting your messages. Add sign up forms to your checkout process, blog posts and in prominent places on your website to keep your list current and valuable.

These statistics highlight the particular challenges email marketing can bring and provide insight into how businesses can enhance their campaigns. When you understand why most campaigns fail, you can avoid these mistakes and problems and make your campaign more successful.

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