Not Your Ordinary Goals: Setting Effective New Year’s Goals

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

It’s that time of year again: time to set some new year’s goals. So many businesses set goals, but unfortunately, not many of them use them effectively to guide them to success. Take some time to set some effective goals that will help you see more success in 2015 and give you a jump start on next year’s marketing planning.

Choose Specific Goals that Improve your Overall Business

Don’t choose your goals randomly. Choose them strategically so they will help you improve your overall business. The goals you set should be designed to help you reach new levels of success, not just continue down the path you are already on.

If you are doing things that are successful and bringing results, challenge yourself to take those things to the next level to see even more success.

To do this, make a list of things you want to accomplish or outline what you want your business to look like in one year. Then, write some goals that will help you make those things a reality.

Make all Goals Measurable and Implement a Plan

Goals that aren’t measurable are usually abstract and make it hard for you to evaluate your success. The problem here is that you can’t easily see what is working and what’s not and it’s more difficult to see the progress you are making.

Measurable goals have a specific desired outcome and a deadline. A good example would be: “Increase the number of Facebook followers by 50 percent in one year.” There is a very specific outcome, which you will either accomplish or you won’t, and a deadline that will help keep you on track.

You also need to set up a measuring or tracking plan, using documentation or team meetings, so you know where you stand on any given day.

Use Benchmark Goals to Guide You

Once you have set your goals, create some smaller benchmark goals that will help guide you through the next year. These goals and benchmarks can also guide you as you form a marketing strategy, since they will give you very specific direction.

Taking the example above, you could have a benchmark goal of increasing your Facebook following by 25 percent in six months, or even break it down further into monthly goals. This gives you something to strive for immediately, creates a sense of urgency and makes your goals more achievable. By staying on track all year, achieving major successes becomes easier.

Set up Regular Reviews

Goals aren’t very helpful if you write them down and then put them aside until the end of the year, when you dig them out to find out whether you were successful or not. In fact if you do this, chances are you won’t meet your goals.

Post your goals in a place where everyone can see them and then set up regular reviews so you can check to see your progress and make changes to your processes as needed. This could be at weekly team meetings or a special monthly meeting where you address your goals.

Setting effective goals is essential if you want to progress and grow your business. Take some time to set some goals that will help you accomplish what you want to and guide you as you create next year’s marketing plans.