Optimise your Site for Mobile Search

Most of us are Smart phone users these days; and if it isn’t an all out business ready machine, you’ll at least have an – albeit slow – web browser tucked away on your phone. And how many times have you been using said phone to try to find an essential bit of info on the web only to find that the website you know will house the answers isn’t mobile compatible.

While you may think this is a problem best left to your web designer, there are SEO factors to consider which can have an impact on your mobile compatibility.

  • On the design end, it needs to be very accessible, fast loading, and free of clutter. Remember that mobile users are looking at a tiny screen, and they don’t want to be zooming in and out all the time.
  • Mobile users search with shorter keywords; they generally want fast and direct information. Very few people find it easy to ‘just browse’ on a mobile device, so they generally know exactly what they’re looking for, it’s up to you to make sure you’re taking into account their search terms.
  • When determining search terms, also take into consideration predictive search terms as these are very popular time-savers.
  • Analytics will help you to better understand how people are accessing your site with mobile devices. Take a look at the devices used, and then the duration of the stay to determine if your site is effective at retaining mobile users.
  • Mobile users are local searchers; unless they’re looking for the occasional song title to settle an argument or an IMDB reference, they’ll probably be trying to locate a product or service in their area. Make use of GPS to let your users know where your nearest store is, or how they can contact you easily.
  • And finally, make sure you test your site on a variety of devices; enlist the help of your friends to make sure your site is looking gorgeous on all platforms.