Online Video Marketing Tips to Get You on Santa’s Good List

If you are looking for online video marketing inspiration, then you are in the right place.

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T’was the week before Christmas and video marketers were in a festive flurry. Would their online video marketing campaign be a hit, or would it crash and burn? Have they done enough to come out on top of the competition? How can you even tell?

It’s a time where people are receiving a plethora of sales emails, all promising the best Christmas gifts this holiday season. For many video marketing companies, this is a perfect opportunity to publish creative content that engages with their audiences. If your team is like Bigfoot Digital, you will be working like busy Elves to get your marketing strategy ready for the Christmas season.

Creative video content may seem like a lot of fun, but it should be not be taken lightly. It’s incredibly important to get the right messaging across to ensure you ramp up those conversions.

Here are our 5 online video marketing tips to guarantee that you get on Santa’s nice list this year:

Online video marketing tactics: don’t go for the hard sell!

The holiday season is all about giving, not receiving. So scrap the sales-speak, promotional messaging and product information. Build a genuine relationship with your readers through emotive video marketing that resonates with your target audience. Try to make this your one true gift to your customers this season. Who knows, it could even go viral.

John Lewis is the pinnacle of Christmas video marketing. It’s not Christmas until you’ve seen the John Lewis advert, right? This adverts captures the heart of even the cold-hearted Scrooges of the world.

Focus on all seasonal video marketing

So, this may be a controversial Christmas statement, but…  Not all people celebrate Christmas. There may be some people that don’t want to see pictures of Santa hats, mince pies and stockings full of presents.

Think about your audience very carefully before writing the script for your online video marketing campaign. We are not saying this is the way to go, but it’s a consideration. If you are publishing an advert aimed at a multicultural audience, for example, you may want to take a slightly different approach.

Plan your video campaign ahead of Christmas

Like everything in digital marketing, things should be scheduled well in advance. If you are planning to distribute your video campaign on social media and on your website, then you need to start no later than November. Any later and your customers will have gone elsewhere. 40% of shoppers admit to starting their Christmas shopping as early as Halloween and 48% say it is complete by Black Friday (source). Something to consider for the future, as we are approaching the Christmas countdown.

Think fun, festive and friendly

Let your guard down – enjoy a bit of light-hearted holiday marketing. It’s nearly Christmas, after all. People are counting down the days, including your customers who are looking forward to some time away from the office. This is not a time for promotional, pushy sales messaging. It’s a time to show what you are all about in a fun, festive way. Need inspiration? We published some great video marketing campaign ideas in a recent blog post.

Use a strong call to action

You have published a sensational video marketing campaign touching the hearts of thousands of people. Don’t leave them hanging without a clear call to action – encourage them to follow a link to your website. Remember, this isn’t an opportunity for a hard sell. Instead, link to a landing page on your website that is branded with festive graphics, banners and infographics.

At the end of the video, drop in a subtle discount such as “30% off all stock before Christmas!” There are numerous options you can go for to improve e-commerce conversion rate, but staying in the spirit of giving with all messages will land you more business.

We hope this has given you some handy video marketing advice for both Christmas, and the New Year. If you want to hear more, visit our 12 days of Christmas marketing page for a full digital marketing strategy, free of charge. Have a great Christmas everyone.

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