Online Marketing Statistics you Should Pay Attention To

For some marketers, the thought of crunching numbers, reading charts, and measuring things on a regular basis is enough to make their eyes glaze over. But, statistics are actually a really important part of marketing, as they can help businesses understand what is working, where they should make changes and the returns on their marketing investments.

Every marketing plan, tactic, industry and business will require different goals and will rely on different kinds of statistics as feedback. But, there are some general statistics you should pay attention to.

Content Marketing

Statistics that help you measure how well your content marketing is helping you build your online brand and support your other online marketing strategies are important to track.

Pieces Published

Quantity does not equal quality, but keeping track of how much content, and what kinds of content, you are publishing can help you understand how to focus your efforts. If the content you publish doesn’t match your goals, you know you need to reassess your plan.

Clicks Generated

Use a link shortener or other system to find out how many clicks the links in your content are generating to find out if your content is resonating with your market, if your calls to action are effective and if people are interested in what you share.

Links Built

Content marketing can support your search engine optimisation link building plans. Keep track of how many links you build through your content and what kinds of sites they are on.

Brand Awareness and Market Relationship

Brand awareness and how your market feels about your brand can be hard to measure, but try doing some surveys before and after you run a content marketing campaign to find out if your content is helping you build your brand.

Social Media Marketing

There’s a lot to measure when it comes to social media marketing and the statistics you track will depend on the sites you use and your unique goals.

Social Media Reach

One basic statistic to track is social media reach, which can help you find out how many people are seeing your posts and messages. A wider reach could help you get better results.

Social Media Engagement

Measuring things like shares, comments, “likes,” and clicks can help you understand if your social media content gets your market’s attention. Engagement can also lead to things like better brand awareness, increased traffic and more sales.

Traffic Referrals

When you know which social media sites, and even which posts, are driving more traffic to your site you can leverage that channel to get even more traffic.

Online Advertising

Online advertising also requires a lot of attention to analytics, which are usually available through a dashboard or business account, depending on how you are advertising.

Ad Clicks

The more clicks your ads get, the higher your chances of gaining new customers. Measure your clicks to fine tune your ad design, copy, calls to action, and placement for the best results possible.

Conversion Rates

Even though people are clicking on your ads, you still need to persuade them to make a purchase when they get to your site. Understanding your conversion rates can help you enhance your ads and take what you learn to new ad campaigns, making them more successful from the very beginning.


Measuring SEO results will help you learn where to focus your efforts and measure your return on investment, so you know you are making progress.

Search Engine Rankings

One of the easiest things to measure is search rankings, which can tell you how well your SEO tactics are working. Higher rankings can lead to more organic traffic, which brings multiple benefits.

Organic Traffic or Search Engine Referrals

Understanding how much traffic your SEO efforts are bringing to your site will help you know how to make your campaign even more successful as you find out where to build links, what keywords to use and which pages to rank.

Keyword Conversion Rates

Ranking for keywords that bring the most conversions will make a bigger impact on your business. Statistics that show which words and phrases you rank for and also help you gain more customers are valuable.

This is just a small sampling of statistics and measurements you should pay attention to when it comes to internet marketing. Social media marketing, SEO, online advertising, and other types of online marketing all call for different kinds of measurement and analytics systems, but these key measurements can help you start tracking your results.