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What would you say if we told you we could double your traffic and purchase conversions? Well, we can do one better. We’ve got a proven track record of websites that rank at the very top of Google. We capitalise on that traffic with complete site optimisation that converts clicks into customers. If you’re looking for more online visibility, we are the business for you. Our online marketing Manchester company can help you rise to the top of the search engines and outperform your competitors. Hit the ‘quick enquiry’ button to learn more:

Online marketing Manchester designs for a website.

Does my business need online marketing?

With over 90% of purchase decisions starting with a search engine, digital marketing is not something you can afford to avoid – it’s a necessity. These days, many companies invest in flawless website design, but what about search engines? Creating ecommerce functionality to sell products? Posting regular blog posts? Engaging with potential customers on social media? To “traditional” business owners online marketing may seem like a fad. However, to a professional marketer, the benefits are glaringly obvious.

If you are looking to get more eyes on your business and generate sales, online marketing is a must. No matter what the nature of your business, from a fashion designer to box making manufacturing giant, there’s a space for you online. Your customers are online, and for that reason alone, you should be too!

How can your online marketing Manchester agency help me?

Our online marketing Manchester company has over two decades of industry knowledge so you can rest assured that we can help you get ahead of the competition. Where online marketing is concerned, we help you do the lot. Struggling to optimise your website content? Lacking in design skills that make your business stand out? What about the promotion of your business using Google search? We have trained specialists in all areas of digital marketing, including search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, email marketing and website design.

Skills & strategy combined.

All of these actions require not only a professional level of knowledge but a variety of tools and resources to perform deep crawls and audits. Bigfoot Digital, not surprisingly, have both the skills and systems in place to ensure you succeed. Our Manchester SEO team live and breathe all things digital. For that reason, we never stop refining our services to offer the best level of service to our clients. Every strategy we recommend has been rigorously tested on our business site to ensure the best results possible. Also, we can assure you that we always follow Google’s practices. We don’t dabble in the dangerous – we are serious SEO’s!

A focus on ROI.

If you have dabbled in SEO before, you already know it’s a complicated process. There are many strong opinions of what ‘should’ be done to improve rankings. We can tell you; truthfully, there is no one definitive answer. No one company understands the ins and outs of Google’s algorithm. But, we like to think we come pretty close.

With over two decades of research and experience working in the online marketing space, we have seen some impressive results (even if we do say so ourselves.) That’s because every action we take on your campaign is focused on generating a positive return on investment. We understand that what really matters to your business is profit. Without it, how can you hope to move forward? We consistently monitor our clients’ sites for ways to improve speed, functionality and user experience. You will receive a monthly report as standard detailing how your campaign has progressed.

Our online marketing services:

SEO: Search engine optimisation is the process of rankings websites higher in the search engine results. Sounds simple, right? It takes a clever concoction of on-site content and technical expertise along with a strong link building strategy to rise to the top. We have the lot along with a head-strong team of professionals working on your campaign.

Social Media Marketing: Imagine spending less than five hours on social media every day and increasing your traffic, engagement and conversions like crazy. All with little cost. It’s unbelievable how successful social media can be, if done right. Our online marketing Manchester experts spend every moment of their working day (and often evenings) on social media. Now, ask yourself what they can do for your business with that level of expertise. We help you connect with potential customers and retain lasting relationships with your existing customer base.

Website Design: Your website is your online shop front. It’s often the first impression people get of your business, so make it count. You want to stand out above the competition. Our team are experts in user experience and conversion optimisation, who create websites that look flawless and convert clicks into happy customers. As standard, our sites are fully-responsive and built to fit any screen size, so your visitors can explore your site no matter what the device.

Speak to our online marketing Manchester experts.

We’re a Manchester online marketing agency that puts you first… first in the rankings, and first above the competition. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to online marketing companies. By choosing Bigfoot Digital, you are working with an award-winning agency with decades of experience and thousands of happy clients. We’re not satisfied until our clients are sitting pretty on the first page of Google.

Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Why not speak to our team? Give us a call or drop us a message at to find out more – we can’t wait to hear from you!