Online Marketing Funnel: Common Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

Online Marketing Funnel

Common Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

online marketing funnel mistakes

You might have created a funnel you are proud of, but just not be seeing results.

Or maybe you are just about to get started with building a funnel but you want to make sure you don’t waste any time (or money).

Whatever stage you are at with creating an online marketing funnel , it is helpful to highlight some of the common mistakes businesses make. So hopefully you don’t make them!

Too many steps

One major mistake that businesses tend to make with their online marketing funnel is having too many distractions. Each stage of your funnel should be simple and quick for people to follow, with one option. In terms of your landing page, visitors should be given the option to opt-in or leave the page. If you’ve got multiple buttons and pop-ups on a landing page, it’s unlikely that you will get many leads because of an information overload.

To avoid making this mistake in your online marketing funnel, make sure each page has one option for visitors. Keep your funnel highly visual and don’t include bulks of content, because people simply won’t read it.

If a prospect comes across a page with a huge paragraph of text and a number of options to follow, your lead will almost definitely not be captured.

Not enough brand awareness

Continuing on to the next common online marketing funnel mistake… A lot of businesses don’t place enough emphasis on the initial stage of raising awareness. If people haven’t heard of your brand or seen your product/service pop up multiple times, they won’t buy.

You should make sure that a lot of your marketing efforts are going into this initial stage. Until your brand name is out there and relatively established, your conversion rates will be limited.

Going too far with inbound marketing

We do emphasise that inbound marketing is the best way to increase conversion rates in a valuable way. However, it can be taken too far and sales may suffer as a result. You should definitely ensure that you are providing potential leads with valuable information to build relationships based on trust. But you still need to push for the sales, otherwise prospects may drift.

We have all been there, added something to our basket ready to buy but then life gets in the way and it completely slips our mind. Without being pushy, you should still keep on top of reminding people to buy. Conversion rates are important but sales are more important.

online marketing funnel mistakes

Letting prospects go

Another way you might be going wrong with your online marketing funnel is letting leads go. Just because people don’t purchase the first time they reach your landing page, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t if they were reminded. Make sure you are retargeting people even once they’ve reached the end of the funnel.

You could be missing out on valuable sales by letting people slip away!

Letting your funnel go stagnant

Digital marketing and the world of funnels is constantly changing and evolving. You need to make sure that your funnels aren’t left to go stale. If your funnel doesn’t keep up with the times, it is likely your conversion rates will suffer.

To do this, make sure you are always aware of new marketing trends and techniques to see what you could potentially incorporate into your own strategy. Of course, though, not all the new trends will suit your business, so do your research properly before diving in at the deep end.

Lack of customisation in your campaigns

online marketing funnel mistakes

We all receive those emails offering us recommendations or discounts that don’t match our interests or demographic whatsoever. Most of the time, we see the subject line and delete them without even opening. It is important to make sure your email campaigns don’t come across like this. If leads receive your emails and automatically think ‘spam’, your email campaigns are not going to be successful in generating sales.

There are tools out there to help you make sure this doesn’t happen. Clickfunnels allows you to build your full online marketing funnel, and completely customise your email marketing campaign. You can segment your leads according to certain criteria so that they then receive email content that is more relevant and ‘personal’. If a lead feels like you have taken the time to understand and meet their personal needs they will be far more likely to see what you have to say and buy into your brand.

If a completely customisable email marketing tool sounds like something you need to incorporate into your online marketing funnel, why not try Clickfunnels’ free 14-day trial?

Selling features rather than solutions

The last but not least common mistake that you might be making with your online marketing funnel is trying to sell your feature/product rather than selling a solution to people’s’ problems.

Your conversion rates will be much higher if you tell people through your online marketing funnel exactly how your product is going to change and add to their lives. If anything is left to the imagination, prospects will be much less motivated to make the purchase.

We recommend you draw attention to a common problem that people face in life and then state exactly how buying into you will solve it.
Hopefully drawing attention to some major and some minor mistakes that businesses tend to make with their online marketing funnels will have helped you. If you have realised that you are doing something wrong with your funnel, not to worry, just make some changes! Life is all about learning from our mistakes.

Need some help with changing up your funnel?

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