Online Marketing Edinburgh

Online Marketing Edinburgh

Does your business need a bit of a lift? Our online marketing Edinburgh services can transform how you promote your business. 

Running a business is much more than the day-to-day side of things. There’s the building of a website, the optimisation of content, as well as the social media aspects of it too, to name a few! With our online marketing Edinburgh services, you can be confident that together, we can create a bespoke strategy that fits your every requirement.

Our main priority is getting your business noticed online, and we’ll implement our tried and tested marketing techniques to get you there. If you’ve found our website in one way or another online, hopefully, this gives you the confidence that we know our stuff!

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So, what does online marketing involve? Well, it’s much more than getting your business noticed online; it’s the tactics put in place to get you there. With our team of digital marketing experts, we can provide an exceptional marketing service, so you can concentrate on running your business each day.

Which services can you expect from our online marketing Edinburgh team?

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency, which means we cover an awful lot of bases. We always strive to give you the absolute best when it comes to internet marketing; here are our core services:

Website design

Our web developers at our online marketing Edinburgh agency really know their stuff when it comes to designing tailored websites for our clients. Whether you’re after an ecommerce site, brochure site, or simply an updated version of your current site, we’re the guys for you.

There’s a lot to consider with a business site, including on-site content, your layout, as well as search engine optimisation, (which we’ll come onto next!) We’re passionate about bringing your business to life through a website and you’ll be amazed at the skill set of our team.

If you have a website already but are unsure whether it’s performing at its best, why not take our FREE audit tool for a spin? Just enter a few details below and you’ll receive a detailed report within seconds:

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Search engine optimisation.

The real magic behind getting a website noticed online is SEO. The process of search engine optimisation helps to build up the trust of your website and gradually improves your ranking in a search engine. We only use the most ethical SEO tactics around; those that we trust and that we’d use on our own website.

If you found us through a Google search, surely that tells you we’re good at what we do, right? If we can rank highly on that first page, who says we can’t do that for you? We’ll let you do the math!

Social media marketing.

Our Bigfoot team is also proud to have a group of talented social media marketers at hand. From Facebook and Twitter marketing to Instagram and YouTube, your social media needs are covered. We’ve brought successful campaigns to a long list of clients and have grown their following naturally through creative and informative content. We know what makes your audience tick and we’re keen to let you in on all of our secrets!

If you’re after a second opinion, or you simply aren’t sure why your content isn’t being engaged with, then get in touch with us. We can give you some handy tips for getting noticed! Just click the Quick Enquiry button below to send our team a message.

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That’s not all! What else can our online marketing Edinburgh services offer you?

As well as our list of core services, we also offer a whole load of other services too. Bolt these on as add-ons to your current campaign or as a standalone service; the choice is yours.

Video marketing.

Need a bit of animation? How about a corporate video of your business to show your new customers what you do every day? Maybe you’re in need of a fresh new way to showcase a new product or service. Whatever it is, our video marketing is for you!

Email marketing.

Whether you’re in need of mass emails to thousands of people on your customer database list or a singular email to a select few, our marketing team have the expertise to create that eye-catching subject lines and the captivating content.

Content marketing.

Need pages of brand new content for your website? Want a little help with a press release or the content for your blog posts? We have an internal team of content writers at your disposal to help you get those words on page.


We can offer your business pay per click advertising that puts you in front of the most appropriate customers. You’ll be visible to the people who matter and you’ll gain the opportunity to appear in relevant search results, boosting your traffic and sales.

Graphic design.

If you’re after a new logo, a new website redesign or a few flyer designs, our graphic design team can deliver. We’re creative, friendly, and can easily take your brand and its values, and turn it into something you’ll be proud to call your own.

Need online marketing Edinburgh services, fast? Get in touch.

It’s obvious how important an online marketing Edinburgh strategy is for your business. Without one, you run the risk of falling behind while your competitors pick up the pieces. Before it gets to that stage, it’s worth considering a plan of action – a brand new internet marketing strategy!

For more information regarding our services, or if you’re in the position to make an enquiry, we’d love to hear from you. Our team are skilled in all areas of marketing and we’re always up for a friendly chat at your convenience. Get in touch with our SEO Edinburgh agency today by calling us or sending an email to

Are you a new business just starting out on your journey? Or, are you a well-established business looking for a little extra help with an Edinburgh online marketing strategy? Either way, we’re here to help. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!