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Year six at Gooseacre Primary prove themselves keen to enter the world of digital marketing for the day!

For the past month here at Bigfoot Digital we’ve been teaming up with the Year Six pupils at Gooseacre Primary, learning about their passions and suggesting ways to pursue them online.

Working with Ahead Partnership, a social enterprise that works with the public and private sectors to foster social and economic regeneration, we took on the Make the Grade project together. This unique initiative set up by Ahead focusses on driving up pupils’ aspirations whilst creating sustainable long-term partnerships between schools and businesses.

Bigfoot Digital in conjunction with the Ahead Partnership therefore headed for Gooseacre and together created a three session project on digital media and online presence. From the initial presentation through to hands-on teaching, the kids learnt more about the digital sector, and that their interests needn’t stay as hobbies; they could be pursued into a rewarding career in the future.

Encouraging creative aspiration, we aimed at instilling self-belief, encouraging the students to have confidence to share (and have pride in) their interests. We went over the importance of working hard to become an expert in your area, as well as general writing structures which work online and tips like having a punchy title, featuring images and including links.

In session one on the fifth of November, we focussed on the basics of how to create a blog. The Year sixes gained knowledge about the best ways to become visible online and find keywords relating to their topic. Session two followed on the twentieth – which left enough of a gap to allow the kids to get busy writing up their “blogs”, using some of the knowledge learnt in session one to make their content as internet-friendly as possible. Bigfoot Digital then picked out the top four winning bloggers, whose prize was to visit Bigfoot Digital HQ in the Barnsley Digital Media Centre on the twenty fifth, for one final session. The overall winner, Kady, also won the opportunity to have her winning blog feature posted in its entirety right here!

When these top young bloggers arrived, they got to see a digital agency at work. We went over their pieces and had a little more training, bringing in social media, as well as meeting the team and realising just how varied everyone’s backgrounds are. It just proves that there are countless entrance routes into a digital career, from the mathematician to the artist!

With so many new fields of employment opening up due to the expansion of the digital age, no one knows the vast spectrum of online careers which may be available to the Gooseacre Primary kids by the time they finish studying. A great place to start is by pursuing their passions and hobbies, so that they end up with a career they love! Every single student said that they enjoyed the sessions and we had plenty of positive feedback, such as “it has really helped me improve my confidence”, and “the day was really fun and I can’t wait to write another blog”. Who knows, we could have a new internet sensation on our hands…

So, without further ado, please see Kady Jordan’s Beauty Blog, the winner of Bigfoot Digital’s Best blog!



 Kady’s Beauty Blog

My blog is all about beauty products!

This blog will look at making your nails look both shiny and dazzling ready for Christmas parties. As well as this I will show you how to have the perfect party makeup and hair!

Dazzling nails

  • 1: apply a top coat to a dry nail and leave it to dry for about 5 – 10 minutes.
  • 2: when dry go over it with a top coat…
  • 3: leave to dry for another 5-10 minutes.
  • 4: add any bling or jewels to the nail with nail glue …
  • 5: then wait for the nail glue to be secure and dry
  • 6: get a shimmer coat to go over the top of your nail…
  • 7: when dry you should get a shiny smoother finish!

And this is what it should turn out like! For a bit of bling add glitter…

  • Neon colours are in fashion… also gel nails, these give a great texture and provide a long lasting finish.

And try more complicated ones such as:

Make up :

  • 1: first apply mascara bottom lash and top for a fuller look! Start from the bottom of your lash and work your way up! Remember extra coats for extra volume.
  • 2: find a colour eye shadow to match your outfit …
  • 3: get a eye shadow brush to apply. Add a lighter colour to add texture up to your eyebrows.
  • 4: once added eye shadow add eye liner if wanted perfect for HD brows
  • 5: add foundation to the bottom of the jaw line and round the face, primer will make the foundation last longer and give you a flawless complexion.
  • 6: add a shiny coat of blusher to give your cheeks a gorgeous rosy glow.
  • 7: apply lipstick to your master piece you can buy lipstick that lasts at least 12 hours. Finally add a dash of lipgloss for a long lasting finish.
  • These are some more complicated looks- see the following link for a step by step guide to amazing eyes!

Much more complicated these are top dog check out the website for more amazing looks!

Hair styles:

  • 1: how to put a bun in… First get a donut and some grips.
  • 2: put your hair in a high pony!
  • 3: put your donut in and pull your hair through and spread your hair out!
  • 4: And place your grips in a secure position…
  • 5: add any accessories if wanted diamantes add glamor to any event.
  • 6) Finally secure your look with hairspray.
  • How to make a bow out of hair
  • 1: first make sure your hair is straight???
  • 2: put hair in a peacock pony hair style but leave a small amount down…
  • 3: find the centre and pull the hair over and wrap it round the bobble and grip in place!!!
  • 4: and place hairspray on… add any accessories

Hair extentions:

  • Hair extensions come in price ranges, depending on the quality of hair, weather its sympherthetic or real, the length and many other factors. Most hair proffesinals prefer sympherthetic because it looks better, and can be styled with blow dryer, curling irons and flat irons. Smpherthetic hair may not hold the heat of styling appliances. They are even cliped in, gluded or fusted to the hair close to the scalp.

Hair chalk:

Hair chalk comes in various colours and sizes!

  • 1: hold a small amount of hair and carefully run the chalk across…
  • 1 thing thats has been popular has been the babalist curling appliance.
  • Well thats it for me hope you have found this helpful and i would to show you some more helpful tips….

Kady jordan …

Many thanks to Kady for her winning blog piece; we wish her every success for the future, whatever direction that might take!