One to Watch: SocialFlow

They say data is the new oil. As much as I hate to use these over-used cliché analogies, which it comes to getting your marketing message across, this is probably a dead accurate truth. The Internet is chock-full of companies that have figured out some pretty cool ways to mine data about their users, and this data is invaluable to companies that wish to advertise to those users.

The same applies to Social Media Marketing; what started out as a way for companies to extend their reach and interact with their fans has now been transformed into a data minefield. Despite the claims from some that this removes the social element from social media, there is a case for companies who simply wish to make their business as efficient as possible, right down to individual social media posts.

Last week I posted a blog about the invisible nature of ROI in Social Media Marketing; thankfully there is one company aiming (and succeeding) to measure the unquantifiable ‘social’ element. SocialFlow is the first social media optimisation tool to provide insight into the value of social content using the ir unparalleled access to Facebook and Twitter data streams. They launched in 2009 and have gained over $7 million in funding to date.

SocialFlow is a social media optimisation tool that applies scientific analysis of content to help users understand the value of what they’re posting. To do this they using a scoring system called AttentionScore, which aims to show users the true value of the content they’re posting, and thus the best time to post it. This can be seen on an individual post level, right up to an entire account, so you can easily see which are your most successful posts, and how this reflects in your online presence.

The service also includes an instant analysis of your message with the Resonance Predictor; this gives users a percentage score based on how successful the message will be once posted to social media sites. The service is also fully integrated with Google Analytics, meaning that you’ll see real-time conversions, and also have the ability to tie in with your previously assigned goals.

This is great news for companies aiming to make use of Twitter’s promoted tweets feature, as this takes the guess work out of deciding which tweets to promote. The only downside is the $99 per month price tag, although for a larger company I’m certain that the benefits would far outweigh the costs.