Offsite SEO Tactics you Should Consider

What tactics should you consider for your offsite SEO strategy?

Search engine optimisation requires a few different approaches, and most of them fall into one of two categories: onsite or offsite. Onsite SEO tactics include website optimisation and blogging. Offsite SEO is the other half of the equation and is just as important.

While best practices and effective strategies do change over time, these are some general tactics that remain effective and that you can adopt at your business.

Legitimate Link Building

Link building has been a large part of offsite SEO for a long time, and it’s a tactic that is still very important. However, these days search engines are focusing more on the value of links, so building spammy links won’t help your rankings.

Aim for getting links on reputable sites that are relevant to your business and that will help you build your reputation, both for search engines and your market. Avoid keyword stuffing and using unnatural anchor texts.

Guest Blogging

One great way to build links and drive traffic to your site is through guest blogging. Target websites that your market would visit and make sure your content is relevant to your business but also serves the site’s audience.

Website owners all have different requirements for the number of links they allow in guest posts, so use your links strategically to boost your rankings and send people to the right place on your website. You can use this to direct people to your product pages, blog or anywhere else where they can respond to a call to action.

Press Release Distribution

Adding links to press releases can help you improve your rankings too. When your press releases are published on other websites, you will be building links back to your own site. The most straightforward way to do this is to use press release distribution sites where you can publish your content and others can find your story.

The best press releases are professionally written and contain information that is newsworthy. Be sure to use keywords and links strategically to direct people to the right pages on your site. You can also take advantage of multimedia elements like photos, videos and infographics to make your releases more attractive.

Social Media Marketing

While the links you share on social media may not necessarily help you increase your rankings, various social signals can. As your content is shared and helps you drive traffic to your website, you will be benefitting your SEO efforts.

Make sure your social media posts help you capture attention and make people want to click on your links. Make your content shareable by designing it for your market and making it especially entertaining or helpful. You can also add sharing buttons to your website so your audience can help you share your content.

Of course, these are just a few of the most common types of offsite SEO tactics you can use, but they are a good starting point for refreshing your strategy and gaining rankings.