Now You can Broadcast Live from YouTube: Here’s How to Get Started

Google has launched a new feature that lets anyone, with a verified account, live stream videos from YouTube. Originally, live broadcasting was only available to some users, so this change is big news for marketers and businesses.

How to Live Broadcast from YouTube

First, make sure your account is verified so that you can use this feature. Google has announced that it is slowly launching the ability to live broadcast, so watch for the option on your account feature page.

From the Event Manager section, choose “Live Events.” YouTube will ask for some information about your event, so fill in the fields completely and optimise your content with keywords wherever possible.

If you choose the Advanced Settings tab, you can moderate comments, choose whether or not you want viewers to be able to embed the video, and even set up recording, DVR and broadcasting delay options. The Claiming Options tab lets you monetize and syndicate the video.

Next, you will need to click the Ingestion Settings tab and choose the source of your video and configure a few simple settings.

After you have set up the live event through YouTube, you can start broadcasting from the Live Control Room tab. Google has posted a YouTube Live Streaming Guide, which outlines how YouTube broadcasting works and has some video tutorials to help you get started.

During your live broadcast, you will have access to analytical information including how many people are watching your video and what the average view duration is, among other statistics that can help you improve your broadcasts.

With this announcement, Google also launched the ability for users to start a Google+ Hangout On Air from the YouTube Live Events Manager. This means you can easily set up two-way videos and broadcasts from your YouTube account, making the features more streamlined and easier to use.

Good News for Marketers

If your business holds conferences, live training sessions, webinars, product demonstrations or any other kind of event, you may benefit from YouTube’s live broadcasting. Combined with other social media tools, like Facebook and Twitter, this could be an excellent addition to your social media marketing strategies.

This feature could be used to share content as you create it. For example, if you want to unveil a new product, you could consider doing so live from your headquarters with a live YouTube broadcast. In this case, you wouldn’t need to host a formal event, but the broadcast would make it possible for you to hold a virtual event.

But, your business could also use this feature to broadcast events to members of your market that weren’t able to attend an event in person. For example, if you host a conference, inviting people in your industry, you could also broadcast sessions through YouTube so that people around the world can tune in.

These new features have the potential to help your business easily take events to audiences around the country, or even the world, while tapping into your YouTube and Google Plus followings.