Why Now is the Perfect Time to Create a Social Media Plan

If your social media posts are random and you run your accounts haphazardly, you aren’t getting the most out of them. To build a loyal fan base, increase awareness, drive traffic, make sales and reach other business and marketing goals, you need a social media strategy.

Each business will require a very personalised strategy that is designed around their markets, messaging, brand and goals.

What is a Social Media Plan?

Social media is fun and informal, and from your market’s point of view, your accounts probably look casual and even spur of the moment. But, behind every effective social media account there is a strategic plan.

A good social media plan defines goals, target markets and a strategy for communication. It lays out messages that will be used, the types of content that will be posted and the frequency for postings.

Your social media plan could be extremely detailed and show exactly what will be posted each day or it could plan for target markets and messaging and outline what kinds of content will be shared. Some social media plans are for just a month in advance while others are for several months in advance.

Prepare for Holiday Marketing

Believe it or not, the holidays are just around the corner. Many businesses take advantage of this time of year to offer annual sales, run special promotions and use holiday campaigns to get peoples’ attention. If you are planning some special marketing tactics, plan now how you will use social media.

Social media should be closely integrated with other marketing plans and should include the same messaging you are using in other places. When you create a social media plan now, you can make sure it complements your general marketing strategy.

There’s already enough going on at the end of the year, so being prepared with a social media plan will help you save time.

Get a Head Start on the New Year

Planning how you will use social media after your holiday marketing campaigns and when the new year starts can give you a head start that will give you an edge moving forward. After you have built some momentum through the holiday months, you can continue to benefit from it if your social media strategies remain strong.

While the way you use social media after the holidays may change, you can still make a plan that will help you hit the ground running next year so you can get a good start on using your accounts as marketing tools.

A social media plan is a necessity any time of the year. But, right now as you plan for holiday marketing and as the new year approaches, it is especially important to make sure you have a plan for how you will use your accounts as part of your marketing plans.

When you plan ahead and know how you will use social media, it will be a much more effective tool in helping you reach your market and persuade people to respond to your calls to action so you can reach your goals and improve your business.