Now You can Tag People in Photos and Create Collages with Twitter

Change is in the air at Twitter and these two new features are exciting ones. Twitter has added the ability for users to add more than one photo to a tweet and create a collage as well as tag other Twitter uses in the photos when you use the Android or iOS app.

These two new updates do make Twitter a little more like other social networks, but they also make it possible for businesses to achieve new things and even enhance their social media strategies.

Tagging Other Users in Photos

The first new feature is the ability to tag up to 10 people in one photo. Users will be notified, if they choose, when they are tagged in a photo and they can choose who can tag them: anyone, just people they follow or no one at all. And, in case you are wondering, the tags don’t count toward your 140-character limit.

When you upload a photo, all you have to do is tap on the picture, choose the button that says “Who is in this photo?” and then enter the user names. When the photo appears in a feed, the people tagged in it will appear next to it.

As a business, you can use this function to more easily connect with others on Twitter. Now, you can tag people in photos from events, conferences, your store, sales events, product launches, company parties and anything else.

Add 4 Photos to 1 Tweet

Previously, you could only attach one photo to a tweet, but now you can add up to four! When you attach more than one photo, the app automatically turns them into a collage, putting them together in one image. This feature is only available on the iOS app right now, but soon it will be added to the Android app and the website.

This update makes Twitter much more photo friendly because it makes it easy to share a few related photos at once. Instead of having to separately tweet three photos from one event, you can now add all three to one post.

According to the official announcement from Twitter, both of these features will carry over to embedded tweets. So, when you embed a tweet from onto your website, or someone else adds one of your tweets to their site, tags and the collage will still be visible.

Now, your tweets can be much more visual and interesting, since you can share several photos at once. We’ve seen before that visual social media posts stand out more, so this could help you get your followers’ attention and stand out on their timeline.

Both of these updates add new functions to Twitter and make it a more photo-centric network. As you start using them, you’ll be able to more easily connect with other users and share photos. You will also be able to make your posts and timeline more visual, which can help you capture your market’s attention.