No-Fail ways to Add more Personality to your Videos

Video marketing is becoming a more relevant tactic and one that many businesses are using successfully. But, the most effective videos are the ones that have personality so people will watch them from beginning to end and respond to them in some way.

When videos lack personality, they don’t evoke emotions or inspire viewers to respond to your calls to action and they can even harm your brand’s reputation.

Whether you are creating a tutorial, product launch, training video or social media ad, these simple tips will help you add more personality, making your video more effective.

Don’t take Yourself too Seriously

Taking yourself too seriously can make your videos seem stiff and impersonal. It can also make them very boring, turning viewers off before they have watched much of your video. If the subject matter is serious or your brand is formal, you can make a serious video without coming across as stuffy.

Try a more casual script and editing to lighten things up and give your video personality. Also take into account the purpose of the video and where it will be published, as your tone should match these factors.

Let your Brand Shine Through

Your brand has a personality, and it should shine through when you create videos. Relying on your brand’s personality will help you make your videos seem more personable and relatable while helping you establish your brand and build your reputation.

Bring your brand into your videos by paying close attention to settings, scripts, editing and logo placement or on-screen text.

Avoid Sounding Scripted

While you will probably script most of your marketing videos so they include a strategic message and sound professional, avoid letting them sound scripted. When videos sound scripted, they come across as robotic, stiff, formal and even boring, which means they lack personality.

Avoid this problem by using loose scripts or outlines or letting people in the video rehearse scripts well in advance so they can become familiar with them and bring their own personality to them.

Do Something Different

Make your video different from the other marketing videos out there so you will stand out and to make it easier to add your own personality to it. Choose a different format than your competitors or think outside the box so your video ads are different from all the others your target market is seeing.

This “different element” should be in alignment with your brand’s personality, helping you with your online branding efforts and adding attractive personality to the finished product.

Add Variety with Angles and Shots

A simple way to add personality to videos is to use a variety of angles and shots. Think about your video’s setting and how you film the action, which both speak to the purpose and personality of the video.

Consider using things like multiple locations, artistic shots and different editing styles to make your videos more interesting and personable.

The videos that successfully support online marketing plans are the ones that combine strategic planning with unique personality. As you produce your next video, think about how you are adding your own personality to the piece and how it will affect your market.