No Blog Traffic? Try These Tips

Blog traffic is a good indicator of your marketing success, but how can you keep it growing?

More blog traffic means more readers, a more effective channel for reaching your market, better search engine rankings and more sales, among other benefits. If you are struggling to drive traffic to your blog, these tips can help.

You’re likely already using some of these strategies, but if you aren’t getting many visitors, revisit them and make sure you are using them to their fullest potential.

Optimise each post for organic traffic.

If you want your blog posts to appear in search results for related terms, you need to optimise each post. Some people will find your blog while looking for the kind of information you provide or services in your industry. To tap into this audience, use keywords, meta tags and descriptions and link building to optimise your blog posts.

Build a valuable subscriber list for a constant audience.

Email marketing can be extremely powerful if you use it the right way. Your subscriber list should include people who are interested in your content and are likely to click on the links you share to visit your blog. Work to gain subscribers by offering freebies, asking people to subscribe when they buy things from your website and promoting sign-ups through your blog and social media.

Leverage social media for more shares.

Use social media to its fullest potential by sharing your blog posts there along with captivating titles and images and by telling people why they should click on the links. In other words, make your posts attractive and tell social media followers what benefit they’ll get when they click the link for the blog post. Also, be sure to ask your followers to share your content and add sharing buttons to each of your posts.

Make online friends for referral traffic.

Use social media, comments you leave on other blogs and online forums to make friends with others who may help you promote your content. As you do this, you may offer to write a guest post or you may notice people begin sharing your content when you share theirs. This is most effective when you work with people who are catering to the same audience you are trying to attract.

Use paid advertising to get clicks.

Don’t forget to use paid advertising as you promote your blog. Use search ads, social media ads and ads on relevant websites to direct people to your blog. These can help you reach people in a very targeted way since most advertising platforms allow you to direct your ads to a very specific demographic. You can also choose to advertise on sites your market frequents, helping you get in front of the right audience.

Grow your blog traffic with these easy tips!

Building a constant flow of blog traffic will help you with your online marketing and branding efforts. It will help you build an online presence, communicate with your market, gain search rankings and even make more sales. If your blog traffic is lower than you would like it to be, make sure you are using these tips to their fullest potential to get more visitors.

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