News Stories you may have Missed…

Here’s some lovely weekend reading for you:

Yahoo has started its downsize by cutting its workforce by 2000, these changes will be felt across the whole company, but will hit the product division hardest. These job losses are expected to save the company $375 million.

For those who like to keep up to date with their memes, there’s a new guy on the block: ridiculously photogenic guy has been cropping up on Reddit this week.

Instagram has finally been released for Android, and it was downloaded more than 1 million times in the first 24 hours – it was obviously a welcome addition to the Android app market.

SEOMoz gave us some pointers on Content Curation for SEO, what, how, and why?

Google has released this neat little tool which gives you an oversight of your account activity.

Facebook hit back at Yahoo and are suing them for a patent which was applied for by a former Yahoo employee; now there’s a twist of  irony!

Social media saved the day once again as authorities in Dallas used Twitter to send tornado warnings and updates.

Facebook is also threatening legal action against a TechCrunch commenter following the development of ‘defaceable’ which allows users to annoymously post of their friends Facebook walls.

Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm!