News Round Up – July 14

Happy Saturday everyone! If you’re looking for something to fill the next hour or so, here’s a round-up of some of the hottest social media and SEO news for the week…

First up, a bank did something wrong. No surprise there then. I am of course referring to Barclay’s disastrous attempts to reach out to their audience using the power of social media. They introduced their Facebook following to fictional fella named Dan, who is apparently useless with money and needs some help budgeting. The next day the news broke that the bank was fined £290 million for manipulating interest rates. Epic fail, as ReadWriteWeb so rightly said.

Google is road-testing tabbed search results, which would offer more options and site information before leaving the SERP. One lucky SeoMoz reader discovered they had access to this one day and was kind enough to share. Read the full report here. 

Proving their dedication to mobile, Facebook has started rolling out Timeline for mobile, and it looks pretty darn good! Mashable has full coverage of this update, and as always the user reactions are well worth a read.

ReadWriteWeb have provided an absolutely amazing tutorial for migrating a Google+ profile to a different account. I wasn’t even aware that this was possible, consider my mind blown. This is great news for people who wish to change their primary e-mail address, or transfer a personal account to a work account.

Socialcam is one of the hottest new video apps on the scene, it could even be the instagram for video. The CEO talks to Mashable about how users can make the most of the platform. Most importantly, we shouldn’t be afraid of video, as it’s now becoming easier to produce and share, perfect for small businesses, you might say. put together this hugely informative video which explains the ins and outs of bounce rates. A really great video to watch if you want to make further sense of your analytics. Thanks! And congrats on being named one of the fastest growing companies in Utah.

On Thursday, Justin Bieber hit 25 million followers, which prompted Twitter employees to get up and dance in a flashmob celebration. Slightly awkward, but worth a watch.