News Round-Up 7th July

The biggest news dominating headlines this week was the news that scientists at the CERN institute in Switzerland have finally found that elusive Higgs bosun particle, or at least a “higgs bosun-like” particle. I’m guessing it was down the back of the couch. Here’s how some of the Twitter population reacted to this monumental discovery:

And the most common reaction across the board…

In other news, Facebook is looking to develop a “want” button that will allow users to share their e-commerce pickings with their friends. The button would work in a similar way to the like and would be a great development for brands. However, as with all Facebook developments, there is the risk that it won’t be popular with users. After all, what’s wrong with just adding a plain old “want!!” comment to your posts?

Twitter has a big announcement on the horizon – the leader of the Personalization and Recommender Systems at Twitter posted this cryptic message on Thursday. We’ll keep you up to date as the news unravels!

The Facebook App Centre has finally made it to the UK. As with all Facebook updates, they generally roll out to users in stages, but soon everyone will have access to mobile and web app versions of Words with Friends and GoodReads.

This report from ReadWrite Web shows the Top Internet Trends of 2012. Pay close attention to the evolution of mobile in the coming months and years, and also the increased importance of visual content.

An interesting infographic from Mashable: Just how interested is the world in SEO?

And finally, this great blog post from SEOMoz shows how to solve the problem of Twitter URLs being so SEO unfriendly; and teaches you how to find your SEO friendly link URL. Thanks!