News Round Up – 5th May

Here are some of the news stories, articles, tweets and memes you may have missed:

The Penguin was unleased on the world, and began fiddling with our search results. About 3% of search queries were noticable affected by the changes to the Google algorithm which aims to clean up the internet of unwanted spam and reward website owners creating valuable content.

BusinessWeek reported changes in trends towards anti-social social networking; we’re locking down our profiles, limiting our friends, and ultimatly diminishing our marketing reach.

If you want to modify your personal search profile and control what people see when they Google you, then this website can help you do just that. BrandYourself utilizes SEO techniques to help individuals optimise their personal Google results.

In yet another amazing social media marketing strategy, US company Kraft Mac n Cheese went to the effort to thank each and every person who has ‘liked’ them on Facebook. They produced this video which features the names of all their fans scrolling along the bottom.

Along a similar thread, Jeremiah Owyang discusses why automating the social media marketing process could harm the Facebook environment. He makes an interesting case for not scheduling and timing your updates based on peak times etc.

The restaurant chain Wagamamas has found an interesting way to keep people entertained and engaged with augmented reality placemats designed to get people playing with their smartphones before, after, and during their meal. The placemats will be used to promote wagamama lounge, which will feature at various festivals throughout the summer.

Have a great weekend!