News Round Up

Another week, another round up of news stories you may have missed this week, starting with:

Facebook have been forced to change their mind about tweaks to their terms over fears of censorship problems. After receiving comments from thousands of Facebook users the Social Network revealed their plans to change the tweaks in their governance page. (via

Along a similar theme, many Twitter users were convinced that their Twitter hashtags were being censored when the tag #420 failed to trend yesterday, despite its obvious trend worthy usage. Twitter assured users that this was due to the numbers not being recognised as a trending topic rather than censorship.

The Red Cross has launched an interesting Social Media Marketing campaign which allows users to see their Twitter avatar crumble and be re-built over three days. To take part, users can donate $10 to the Red Cross as part of their When Things Fall Apart campaign. Over the next three days they will see their Twitter avatar deconstructed and put back together.

Mashable has given us an in-depth report about just how tech-savvy mothers are today. They’re using social networks, they early adopters of new technology, and they’re the ‘rocket fuel’ behind e-commerce.

While women may rule the Internet, it’s the men who are cashing in by starting up so called ‘pink-collar’ businesses. The Daily Muse has reported on the recent influx of men founding companies aimed at women, including Pinterest and Shoe Dazzle.

Google has been ordered to stop Copywrite violations on YouTube in Germany, the New York Times has reported. The judge decided that YouTube is not responsible for the uploaded material, as it is a hosting platform, but more must be done to stop copyright violations.

And finally, another YouTube story – The Washington Post has compiled a list of YouTube’s biggest superstars.