News Round Up #38

Apple iOS 6 launched this week, and while most things seem to be going swimmingly, there has been a barrage of complaints about the new iOS maps. Even the London Underground workers have been poking fun at Apple, with this humorous passenger information sign at Hackney Underground station.

It’s been a week of upgrades everywhere, with Twitter also launching a new interface that places more emphasis on images. They’ve been accused to tearing a page out of Facebook’s book with this timeline-esque style header image. Sharp eyed Tweeps have also been using this new feature as a way to fake their way to Twitter’s elusive verified status, although be warned, doing this can get your account suspended.

Not all of the changes that Twitter has been making recently are favourable. By cracking down on who can, and can’t use their API they’ve made a few enemies in the world social social media and micro blogging. Twitter’s CEO Dick Costelo spoke out this week to defend the companies decision to restrict developers when making third party apps.

And now, to try something different with the weekly reading, it’s the SEO and SMM countdown! Starting with…

Analysis of the top 10 Brands on Google+ – proof that there is activity and engagement going on with their 100 million active monthly users.

9 Facebook Marketing Tips to Improve Engagement – from the social media examiner. Great tips with great visual examples, well worth a read!

8 Ways to Use Pinterest for Business – chock full of great, and inspirational ideas for business pinners. And if you’re not a visual brand, fear not! We have some tips for you too.

7 Steps to Building Your Local Business’ Pinterest Engagement – How to pin and keep things hyper local.

6 Deadly Sins of Data Visualization – How to keep things simple and functional when dealing with data visualisation, your optician will thank you for taking note of this article!

The Top 5 Trends for Optimization to Increase ROI – quick, simple takeaway from the 2012 Digital Marketing Optimisation Survey.

4 Social Media Goals Every Business Should Measure – some great advice from the social media examiner on what to look out for when measuring social media success.

3 Ways Marketers Can Get More From Their Smartphones – Learn to use “dead time” to your advantage and reclaim those commuter hours, or time spent waiting in the supermarket using your smart phone.

Lessons Learning from 2 Years Working on SEO for Car Insurance – Some great SEO tips from an industry expert, and the advice is applicable to more than just car insurance!

And finally… Page One: How Does The New York Times Decide What Belongs?