News Round-Up

While you eagerly await the arrival of your brand new iPad-it’s-pretty-much-the-same-thing-3-S, here are some news stories and articles from the past week to help the time fly by that much quicker.

Breaking News: Google has begun encrypting natural searches in the UK, meaning advertisers will no longer receive referral data. More on this next week.

In an open letter to new SEOs, Dr Pete from SEOMoz dishes out some top tips for all those new to the SEO field.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Texas for SXSW this year, Mashable have compiled a list of must see panels, check it out here. shared the secrets to marketing your company using less that $5 per month. Although this cost depends entirely on how much you value your time, as it’s a very time consuming method.

A quirky take on social media marketing, Coca-Cola have launched a series of URL riddles to keep users entertained.

Zynga is working to build its offline presence away from Facebook.  Frito-Lays has partnered up with the gaming company and Walmart to offer players virtual world prizes for buying real world snacks.

Zynga is also quietly testing in-game advertising; players are offered freebies for participating in surveys or watching short ads from external advertisers including Coca-Cola and Mastercard.

Stop Kony 2012 has gone viral, but it has brought more than just awareness to the child soldiers in Uganada. The charity organising the campaign has come under fire for their expenses reports, prompting many to ask if they are suitable to run the campaign.

Cartier have stunned US audiences with a 3:30 epic story-telling ad. Is this the start of longer, movie-style ads?