News Round-Up 2nd June

I’m going to start this week’s news round-up with a cautionary tale about being careful about what you share with the world on Facebook. With Facebook privacy issues a current hot topic, you’d think that users would start to take note and be more cautionary about what they post. One young girl in Australia learnt this the hard way after she posted a photo on Facebook of the huge amount of cash she was helping her Grandmother count. This post eventually made it on to the radar of the wrong people as her mother’s house was attacked by armed robbers later that day, indicating that the girl had also listed her home address on the social network on another occasion. No one was injured and the robbers only got away with a small amount of money and some personal items.

Other notable gaffes this week include what I will be referring to as “the epic Mitt Romeny glairngly obvious iPhone app speeling disatser extravagnaza”. An iPhone app released last week encouraged voters to snap photos with their camera and then select one of 14 overlays which voiced their support for Romney. The only problem is that one overlay reads “A Better Amercia”.



Needless to say the hashtag #withmitt was incredibly popular as users uploaded their spoof shots. 

Google has cracked down on scam ads, making the ad network a safer and more trust worthy place for everything. We reported on how they’re making huge advancements in ridding Google of scam ads. 

Google’s notable doodle of the week celebrated Peter Carl Fabergé, a Russian jeweller, most famous for his Fabergé eggs. Of the 50 Imperial Fabergé eggs made, 47 remain and are valued at millions each.

Tim Cook has been dominating headlines recently as he outlines his plans for the future of Apple; next up, the possibility of killing off the Ping network, plans which he alluded to at the All Things D Conference last week.

“We tried Ping and I think the customer voted and said this isn’t something I want to put a lot of energy into.”

And finally, some of the best SEO advice articles of the week: “SEO Isn’t Magic – So Stop Doing SEO Tricks” by Ruth Burr over at SEOMoz. She offers up some practical tips with the empasis on hard work and dedication over quick tricks and short term results.

Another great whiteboard friday from SEOMoz; Comment marketing as an inbound tactic. All about ridding your campaign of black and grey hat comment marketing techniques and replacing them with influencer marketing and relationship building.

Search Engine watch offers up some tips for B2B marketers; specifically about buying versus building links.