News from this Week: 12th May

Here’s what you may have missed in the world of social media, SEO and general internet goodies.

A novel use for Twitter: live-tweeting brain surgery. A hospital in America reached over 14.5 million people when they updated a liv twitter-feed whilst removing a tumour from a patients brain. [warning: graphic] This is isn’t for the queasy.

Bing is set to be given a make-over with a new three column layout. This layout includes organic search results, a snapshot of the search, and social media integration. Finally, social search to rival Google.

Looking for ways to maximise your SEO budget? has it covered. They dish up this advice for making the most of your cash, including: providing great content, and implementing site changes quickly.

Across the pond, the FBI are looking for new and interesting ways to snoop into ordinary American’s personal information. Missing the days when they could phone-tap, they now want backdoor access to social media sites to allow them to monitor suspected criminals. And they want social media sites to not protest this law.

Studies released by Pew Internet have revelaed that 18% of smartphone owners use social check in apps. Even more reason to get your company up and available for check ins.

Just in time for the Facebook IPO, co-founder Edouardo Saverin has given up his American citizenship. Which will conveniently mean he pays less tax when Facebook cashes in.

David Cameron was left red in the face after it was revealed he doesn’t speak txtspk. He reportedly ended a message to Rebekah Brooks with LOL thinking that it meant lots of love.

Facebook has admitted that it doesn’t ‘get’ mobile.  It’s mobile ventures being rather light on advertising revenue, and the company is unsure of how to fix this.

And finally, a viral video for the week:

It’s scooped up over 1.7 million views since it was uploaded last week. Well worth watching until the end.