New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Super Charge Your Social Media

With the start of a new year, you are likely energetically setting up some New Year’s resolutions. One digital marketing area that is in constant need of new goals is social media. Social media strategies can easily get stale, and it’s even easier to lose sight of the purpose of your social media accounts. It’s so easy to get stuck in the rut of posting updates and photos, without giving your goals a second thought.

Here are some New Year’s resolutions to help you refocus and get the most out of your social media campaign this year. These are meant to be inspirational, not a complete list. So pick and choose some goals and adjust them as necessary to help you super charge your social media efforts.

Resolution: Include Calls to Action in the Majority of Your Posts

Part of social media is interacting with your public for the sake of interacting. You share content to be personable and to connect with your followers. However, the larger goal should be to inspire your followers to take some kind of action: buy a product, enroll in a service, become a brand advocate, influence their friends, etc. To accomplish this, the majority of your posts should include a call to action.

Resolution: Be Consistent

It’s hard to keep an audience interested and engaged when your posts are not consistent. To really make the most of any social media channel, you need to consistently make posts, write comments and otherwise interact with your followers and those you follow. In fact, if your social media accounts are constantly in limbo between active and inactive, you’ll probably lose interest and followers.

Resolution: Explore New Social Media Sites

Your brand may be on the big, common social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but is it on some of the smaller, more niche sites? Consider exploring sites like Tumblr, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram, Delicious, Quora, Flickr or Socl. The list of social media sites is literally dozens and dozens of sites long, so do some searching and find sites that will play up your brand’s strengths and that attract people in your target market.

Resolution: Get Creative with Your Posts

There is so much content being shared every single minute on most social media sites that your site runs the risk of being buried by other user’s content. To grab your audience’s attention, you need to stand out, and one way to stand out is through creative posts. People may be scrolling right past your mundane status updates or boring pictures, which does little to help you achieve your goals. To change this, try posting more creative content like videos, visually attractive text, infographics, links to interactive sites, breaking news, podcasts, guest posts or contests.

Resolution: Be More Focused

Instead of using social media to blindly blast out content to anyone that happens to be online, target your efforts. Do everything, from following other users to interacting with other brands’ content, with purpose. Target your markets and identify influential people and pages and then find ways to leverage your social media connections. Just like any other marketing tactic, if your social media posts aren’t directed at a specific market, they aren’t directed at all.

By identifying areas where you can improve, and then setting up some New Year’s resolutions to help you meet your goals, your social media marketing campaigns will be much more driven and successful this year.