New Ways to Stand out Online This Year

Image courtesy of -Cheesyfeet-/Flickr.

One of the struggles that comes with internet marketing is that you need to find ways to stand out among all the content, social media noise and online activity if you want to reach your market. Your business needs to find ways to get noticed and be remembered so you can solidify your brand.

This isn’t a simple task, as internet users are constantly bombarded with sales and promotional materials. But, there are some approaches you can use to find new ways to stand out online so you’ll see big benefits this year.

Become the go-to Resource

Try positioning your brand as a resource that provides valuable information. Build a website that includes blog posts, articles, videos and other resources that are valuable to the people you are targeting. They could be educational, informational, entertaining or just simply helpful. The idea is that you are becoming more than a business that sells products; you are becoming a solution people turn to.

This strategy can help you gain more traction on social media as you share your resources and others help spread them across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks. It can also help you develop your brand, drive traffic to your website, build trust with your markets, and ultimately, gain new customers.

Do Something Extraordinary

You do need to have an ongoing social media strategy that includes regular posts and interaction, but you can stand out by doing something extraordinary or unexpected. Edgy marketing campaigns that push the envelope to do something new and different from everyone else can create a buzz about your brand and make you more memorable.

The way you do this will depend on your business and industry, as well as your market and goals. But using social media posts, videos or ongoing events that capture attention can make you stand out in the minds of your potential customers.

Use Current Events or Pop Culture

Another way you can stand out and get your market’s attention is to use current events or pop culture. If you can relate your business or services to something that’s in the news or a latest trend or a topic people are talking about, you can ride that wave of popularity and get in front of your market while promoting yourself. This is commonly done with things like sports events, fashion trends and viral videos or hashtags

Of course, you need to choose events that fit with your brand and that your market is paying attention to to make this strategy work. You also need to remain sensitive to current issues and be careful not to appear insensitive or callous by attaching your marketing material to a larger issue.

Refresh your Online Image

If you already have an online brand and have been using things like social media and content marketing and your website to promote your business, but need a boost in engagement or a way to remind your market about your services, it might be time to refresh your online image.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to completely rebrand your business. Things like a new site design, a new social media campaign, a new hashtag, a new video series or new online resources can help you stand out and reposition yourself so your current and potential customers take notice.

This year, make your business stand out online so you can make your brand recognisable and memorable to build a loyal customer base and attract new customers.