New Trends in Web Browsing: What does this mean for marketing?

Lady Gaga recently launched the latest site which follows in the footsteps of the current trends in web browsing. Focusing on sharing images and rating content, is a Gaga related content sharing site aimed at her fans. It’s been around for about four weeks in beta, and is currently invite only; they’ve handed out around 10,000 invite codes so far.

(Image from Mashable)

This new trend is based around visual social bookmarking. Sites like Pinterest, Pinspire, Dribbble  and Zootool all work in a similar way; it’s like social bookmarking without any wordy bits. That’s not to say that you can’t link to wordy bits, you just have to make sure you have an enticing image to tempt people to click.

This is exciting news for anyone hoping to drive traffic to their site. As with all social media, if you want to get people talking and sharing, you have to be able to deliver enticing content. So how can companies harness the power of Pinterest in their marketing strategy?

  • Sites like Pinterest discourage blatant self-promotion, so strike a balance between your own content, and content which compliments it visually. You have the opportunity to sell the whole ‘image’ that your product or service fits in to.
  •  Add a ‘Pin It’ and a ‘Follow’ button to your website. These are similar to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ buttons for other social media sites. If you sell a product, make it visually interesting and pin-worthy, and if you sell a service, find a way to make it pinable.

Follow Me on Pinterest

  •  Add guest pinpals. When you create boards you can allow other users to pin things to them; create a collaborative board for all your followers around a theme, or invite guest pinners to pin for a week.


  • Get people involved by running competitions; in the early stages you could offer Pinterest invites, and then offer prizes for building themed boards. Threadless are currently running a Valentines themed competition; participants have to build a board chock full of things for their valentine and this has to include 5 Threadless products.
  • Link up your social media profiles, when you add a pin to Pinterest, you can also push it to Facebook or Twitter. I wouldn’t advise doing this for every pin though, could get a little spammy.
  • Have a look at what your followers are pinning. Take the time to peruse their boards and look for pinning trends with your followers; it’s a pretty spiffy bit of market research.
  • Pinterest is best when built up organically over time, meaning; don’t spend the first five hours after opening the account frantically pinning everything in sight, and then stop using it.  Pin little and often. And like all good social media practice; be a contributor and interact.
  • Remember that Pinterest may not be the only site for your company; there are many niche sites cropping up which may better cater to your needs. Designspiration was built with designers in mind, and GentleMint is the first one to crop up catering specifically for men.