New Stats Show 83% of Daily UK Facebook Users are Mobile

Latest Facebook news – more users are on mobile. How can this affect your strategy?

New statistics released by Facebook show that 83% of daily active users in the UK access the site from mobile devices. This significant number tells businesses that they need to make their social media marketing campaigns mobile friendly. That’s if they don’t want to miss the opportunity of reaching a large portion of Facebook users.

Facebook news has also revealed that it currently has 699 million daily active users. Of that total, 182 million are in Europe. Also, about 73 percent of monthly users log in every day. It’s no surprise that Facebook is incredibly popular and used worldwide. However, what is interesting is how many users are going mobile.

Meet your Facebook market on mobile devices.

This information can act as proof to marketers that it’s incredibly important that social media marketing tactics are designed with a mobile market in mind. Businesses should remember that it’s very likely that a large portion of their Facebook audience is on the move. Calls to action sent through social media need to be simple and memorable. If you fail to meet your market where it is, in this case on mobile devices, you are missing major opportunities. Going mobile will allow you to reach your market in new ways and may even allow you to tap into new markets.

There are also ways marketers can take advantage of the mobile aspect of Facebook. With smartphones becoming more and more common, it’s now easier than ever before to use strategies that engage people while they are at a certain location. For example, you can use QR codes to send people to your Facebook page while they are at your store, or you can make contests more mobile-focused.

Facebook requires new content daily.

Knowing that 73 percent of monthly users log in to Facebook every day, brands should provide fresh content on a regular basis. When people log in to Facebook, they expect to find new information. Brands should try to meet that expectation by providing a constant stream of Facebook posts that engage their audience.

But, posting something to Facebook on a daily basis is only half the battle. To get the most out of Facebook, your business needs to spend time engaging with your followers. You should be asking questions, responding to comments and answering questions from your followers. Social media can be a powerful two-way communication tool if used correctly.

Constant Facebook engagement can help you build your social media community, shape your brand and grow your business. Social media marketing can help you accomplish any number of goals from increased traffic and more sales to better brand awareness among your target markets.

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites and now its users are going mobile. To continue to make social media, and Facebook marketing, an effective part of your social media strategy, your tactics need to be mobile friendly and your accounts need to be updated regularly.

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