New Pinterest User Stats and How to get Results

RJMetrics has released some new statistics about Pinterest users that provide valuable information about the site and the people that use it. Pinterest has been growing quickly since it was launched in 2010 and more and more businesses are finding ways to use it as part of their social media marketing strategies.

Most Users are Women

It comes as no surprise that most Pinterest users, 80 percent, are women. Historically, the site has attracted an audience of women who are looking for how-to information, ideas and inspiration.

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If your target market is mostly made up of women, Pinterest could be for you. Be sure to pin content that will be attractive to women to get the best results.

User Retention is High

According to the research by RJMetrics, which studied 50,000 users, 84 percent of female users are still actively using the site four years after they signed up. This illustrates just how loyal Pinterest users are and tells us that businesses that use the site have access to a group of people that most likely use the site frequently and regularly.

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Since Pinterest users are very loyal, this isn’t a social media site you can activate and forget. To get a strong following you will need to be very active and pin plenty of excellent content. As people begin to follow your account and boards, you’ll be able to maintain your following as you post valuable content your audience is looking for.

Some Topics get More Attention

The research found that some topics get much more attention than others on Pinterest. The top 10 pin categories are:

  • Food & Drink
  • DIY & Crafts
  • Home Decor
  • Holidays & Events
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Design
  • Kids
  • Art
  • Weddings

Other categories that users are interested in include travel, health and fitness, products and gardening.

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If your business falls into one of these categories getting engagement on Pinterest will be a snap if you post valuable content. But, even if your business doesn’t fit neatly into one of these areas, you can find ways to intertwine these topics into your account and tie them back to your business.

Most Users are Active During the Day

RJMetrics found that 32 percent of all pins are posted between 10 am and 4 pm. In addition, 18 percent are posted between 9 pm and 12 am.

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With this statistic, you can assume that if you post to Pinterest during these hours, you will see more repins and interaction. You’ll need to do some testing with your market and followers, but this gives you a great place to start.

Most of these tips are easy to implement right away, so start getting more out of Pinterest by reevaluating your strategy and posting the kind of content users are looking for.

When you understand who Pinterest users are and how they use the site, you can use it as a more powerful social media marketing tool. If your target market uses Pinterest, use these statistics to find ways to enhance the way you attract your market and use the site.